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Thread: Ramirez is one tough son of a burrick, ain't he?

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    Ramirez is one tough son of a burrick, ain't he?

    Have you ever fought the guy with the TFix? The moment he spots you he throws that morning star of his at your face -no warning, no defensive gestures. If you try to escape he runs like the devil himself. And the taffer knows how to use his spiked weapon, believe you me. Have you ever tried to make him fall inside his burrick chamber? Let's hear some bloody stories!

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    I haven't played the mission in years but I remember going toe to toe with him. I remember running from him. I also fought him at one point. I think, if memory serves, one time he fell into the burrick pit.

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    I've knocked him out a lot, if that counts.

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    gas arrow to the back i am not playing games while playing games,don't make sense but then again it does

    rip farcus you wont be forgotten

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