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Thread: Some questions about T2 and TG dromed

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    Some questions about T2 and TG dromed

    First, what are the limits (of NewDark) regarding objects, cells etc? Also what is the command in Dromed to check on what you have so far? I'm getting some mysterious crashes here and there and want to see if I've bumped into some limit or another.

    Second, I was wanting to use TG dromed to get into one of my fan mission saves (to give myself a nice boost in some of my inventory so I can explore some more) However I can't seem to load it in TGold Dromed without having some sort of crash-how do I fix that and edit a savegame? Also where can I find the file I need to edit to change the window size? I can find it for T2-but not for T1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Independent Thief View Post
    First, what are the limits (of NewDark) regarding objects, cells etc?
    This is literally the first thing listed in the included modders_notes.txt.

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    -The monolog after optimize will give some informations about cell counts.

    Watch out for this lines
    Epsilon is 1.e-004
    File has 21 cells.
    Allocations: 22
    Min: -544. -547.75 -25.
    Max: 247. 813.5 125.
    Input polys: 670
    Unique planes: 19
    Unique render aspects: 6
    Unique vertices: 808
    Allocations: 1362
    Merges made: 620
    Merges with internal colinear points: 0
    0 colinear points deleted
    Allocations: 141
    Current allocations: 0
    Max allocations: 1363
    -The monolog after running pathfinding database will give you some informations about path cells.

    -The command info_window will give some informations about object usage and so on.

    -Write the resolution for DromEd window in user.cfg
    Install the DromEd Toolkit. It's also available for T1

    Some contest missions are very big. Edit dark.cfg

    ; object counts
    obj_min -18192
    obj_max  8184 
    max_refs 47740
    And patch DromEd.exe with LAA (already patched version)

    Newdark Limits

    Max concrete object IDs: 8192 (from 4096)Max visible objects: 1280 (from 128)
    Max texture dimension: 4096 (from 1024)
    Max texture animation frames: 99 (from 20)
    Max drawn terrain polys: 20480 (from 1024)
    Max ambient sound objects: 1024 (from 256)
    Max cells for bounding sphere spatial queries: 1024 (from 512)
    Max cells a dynamic light can reach: 1024 (from 512)
    Max portal clip regions: 20480 (from 2048)
    Max characters per cfg-file line: 8192 (from 80)
    Max display resolution: x4800 (actual limit depends on HW) DX9 / 2048x2048 DX6 (from 1024x768)
    Max brushes: 16384 (from 7068)
    Max regions (/ worldrep (WR) cells): 32760 (from 28672)
    Max active regions: 20480 (from 768)
    Max rooms: 4096 (from 1024)
    Max AI path cells: 131070 (from 65534)
    Max texture families: 32 (from 16)
    Max family textures: 1024-ish (from 256-ish)
    Max application data handles: 4096 (from 2048)
    Max model handles: 2048 (from 1024)
    Max static lights: 2016 (from 736)
    Max cells a static/anim light can reach: 32760 (from 512)
    Max anim light to cell pairings: 49152 (from 16384)
    Max brush faces/sides: 28 (from 12)
    Max decals per page on Thief maps: 256 (from 64)
    Max pages per mission on Thief maps: 32 (from 8) [where visited area functionality works correctly]
    Max world size: configurable up to +/-2000 (from +/-1000) [only increase if absolutely necessary]
    MAX_TJOINT_EDGES: 131072 (from 65536) [internal processing buffer]
    MAX_TJOINT_DIRS: 32768 (from 16384) [internal processing buffer]
    MAX_GLOBAL_RENDER: 32000 (from 8000) [internal processing buffer]
    MAX_GLOBAL_PLANES: 65536 (from 16384) [internal processing buffer]
    MAX_GLOBAL_POINTS: 256k (from 128k) [internal processing buffer]
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    Thank you for your help Unna-I'll go through the info this week and see where things stand on my current project.
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