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Thread: Some reasonably useful key binds for TG & T2

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    Some reasonably useful key binds for TG & T2

    Just thought I'd share this. You can edit the user.bnd file in notepad to include some of the following lines.

    bind somekey "inv_select key"
    bind somekey "inv_select IsLoot"
    bind somekey "inv_select scroll"

    The first bind will select one of your keys. Especially useful when you don't have the lockpicks such as in Cragscleft. Since there you can't even use the 'select lockpick then scroll down an item or two shortcut'.

    The second bind brings up the loot counter in your inventory.

    The third bind brings up scrolls or papers. I found it useful in Undercover.

    They'll all save a bit of scrolling through the list to find the required inventory items anyway

    Note: not really tested the scroll one but it works in Undercoverr.
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    Thank you for sharing your discovery! I find these pretty handy.

    It almost mimics a nice feature The Dark Mod provides where you can set keybinds to cycle through specific groups of items (keys, lockpicks, readables, etc.). It's very useful for ambitious missions where you collect a ton of different stuff.

    Unfortunately, as far as I could tell, this scroll bind just picks a random scroll and readables aren't always grouped together, so it's of limited use. But the bind for keys and the bind for a quick loot check work well.

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    Yes I agree about "scroll". It's mainly useful for when you only have one readable or can discard the current one as soon as you have used it.

    As a bonus, for T2X players who have noticed that their regular lockpick keys do not work with the hairpin lockpick, you can use:

    bind somekey "inv_select lockpick"

    and this will also work with the regular lockpicks, but which one of the two it brings up will change for different missions.

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    This is a bit of a corker. Did you know that you can enable T2-style zoom in T1?

    bind somekey zoominsome
    bind somekey zoomoutfull

    will give zoom in and zoom reset. Not sure what zoom out is off the top of my head but its probably "zoomoutsome".

    Some may say that this is a bit of a cheat but hey it saves waiting for the bow zoom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cigam View Post
    This is a bit of a corker. Did you know that you can enable T2-style zoom in T1?
    Did you try that with OldDark or NewDark?
    If it's NewDark, it would seem obvious since it's based on the Thief 2 leaked code. Now if it's also possible with OldDark, then it's a bit more of a surprise.

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