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Thread: Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Gold mod - Additional loot in tutorial.

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    Thief 3 Deadly Shadows Gold mod - Additional loot in tutorial.

    After not playing the games for a number of years i've recently gotten the urge to scratch the itch that is thief again, and am currently about to start my run of Thief : Deadly Shadows.
    I've installed the SneakyTweaks mod (v1.1.9.1), opting for the texture pack, improved fonts, briefing videos and Thief 3 Gold components.

    The Thief 3 Gold mod has you play a 'revamped' tutorial level (unless playing on easy difficulty) that adds in 2 additional special loot items - a bottle of Father Debole's Solace on the upper shelf of a case in the basement near the box barricade, and The Builder's Ingot on a shelf near the first fireplace you encounter when you come up from the cellar.
    To me it seems like the additional loot was added to be able to set collection 2 or 3 special loot items as completion objectives for higher difficulty runs of the level, but i find myself wondering if any succh changes had been made in other parts of the game as well.

    TL, DR; - The Thief 3 Gold Mod adds new special loot in the opening level of the game - is this only the case for the revamped tutorial level or have more loot changes been made in later levels ?

    Edit : I hated the new frob/glint so i disabled them
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    The Inn mission is the only one that has added loot. It is/was Beleg Cúthalion's intention to expand it into a proper mission. The other missions, apart from having their maps combined, only have minor fixes and tweaks. More information can be found here and here, if you're interested.

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    I got this one today too. It was on sale, the last time I finished it was 13 years ago, and I thought "why not".
    The new bottle in the bookcase gave me a lot of grief though.

    I seem to have a strange problem with the mouse. Every few seconds the camera refuses to rotate to the left or the right more than a few degrees. It gets stuck. It always happens in one direction, not in both. It starts working again if I make a full 360 degree turn in the other direction, or press escape twice. Very annoying. Has anyone else noticed this? I have SneakyTweaks mod (v1.1.9.1) installed.

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    Very weird issue. The game has a history of input weirdness, e.g. in virtual machines, but this is new AFAIK.

    There's an icon to launch the unpatched game in the "Thief 3 Sneaky Upgrade" group in the start menu. So you can compare the two, but please select identical resolutions and disable all mods first. If the issue is only there with the patched exe, then it's a SU bug.

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    I can confirm that this issue only happens under WINE. Under Windows the game behaves correctly. So it is not a Thief bug.
    I suspected the mouse polling rate, but changing it didn't help unfortunately. There are a few other things I could try. I'll let you know if I find a solution.

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    Interesting - is this WINE on mac or linux? I'm running the game on Ubuntu 18.10 myself, using wine-staging 4.0rc4, and I don't have that issue.

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