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Thread: God Of War

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    God Of War

    This probably deserves a thread. The spectacle fighter so hyped that even spectacle-fighter-hatin' ol' me is playing it now.

    2 things finally got me to pick this up:

    1. It's the second most critically acclaimed game of 2018.

    2. I was jazzed to discover that it's mainly written by the writing-team behind Lost Planet 3! Writers Richard Gaubert and Matthew Sophos, and narrative designer Orion Walker. Gaubert also wrote Anachronox, and I've been saying for years that someone should let him write for an actually good game for once and since that's apparently finally happened, what am I gonna do, not play it?

    I've just made it past the fight with the Stranger, enjoying it so far. Started on Hard difficulty but wasn't really enjoying the combat and how many hits each minor enemy took so I turned it down to Normal and I'm liking it more like this. Will delve deeper into it over the weekend.

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    I can't think of any game except Dad of Boy! that I'd want to get a PS4 for.

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    I liked it! It feels weirdly both too long yet too short at the same time, but it's pretty forgiving when compared to other Spectacle fighters. Thanks to the semi open world, you're not tanking your score by not doing perfectly in one fight. Compared to Platinum spectacle fighters with ratings after every dust-up, it takes some of the pressure off.
    Mind you, the some of the Valkyrie fights on Hard deserve a place in the "Hard as Nails" thread.

    Back to the comment about it being too short: well it kinda feels as if it's just the beginning of the story. And even though no DLC was ever really planned for it, there's a particular place in the game where expansion-sized DLCs would slot right in. The game feels weirdly stunted by their absence.

    Still, very good game though. And I need to get my copy back off of a work colleague who's had it for months but not even installed it >:E

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    I started on the Hardest difficulty. It was insanely hard.

    I dropped to the next hardest level. And it's really fun now. Touch but fun. I reckon I'm 1/3 of the way through and I recommend you stick to the harder difficult henke, least it finish too soon.

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    Err, no. I'm actually considering ignoring my True Gamer-impulses and just switching it all the way down the easiest setting, Give Me A Story.

    It's just that... I'm not enjoying the combat. And I'm not enjoying the parts in between the combat. The only parts I really like about this are the worldbuilding and the characters.

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    Not enjoying the combat? Did you play the others?

    I think this is some fun combat, and I don't usually like it when it's got this much depth as it can be drag to learn. I'm enjoying the finesse of this though.

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    I've played bits and pieces of them, but like I've said I'm not a fan of spectacle fighters. The combat in this looked toned down a bit compared to earlier entries, and more in line with things like Dark Souls, but not enough so to be something that clicks with me.

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    I've only started hearing this "spectacle fighter" term recently, and having looked it up I think neither the earlier GoW games nor this one fit the bill.

    The earlier games had much more fluffy combat, with large sweeping arcs that damaged multiple enemies. It wasn't very nuanced.

    The PS4 game is far, far tighter and much more technical. I don't know what Dark Souls is like; I only have the first one on PS3 and can't really get into it.

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    I've only now started playing this one. I tried the immersive HUD, but I don't think that was a particularly good idea for someone just starting the game; so many of the systems remain opaque without HUD. I've now activated *some* of the HUD elements and set others to display when I touch the touchpad.

    Do people here have any beginners' tips? There's definitely more of a learning curve than there was with the more twitchy earlier games.

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