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Thread: Thief game series mod list

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    Thief game series mod list

    I am back to the greatest forum for the greatest game series in the world. Thief The Dark Project and The Metal Age of course.

    It is almost one year or more since my last visit here and i must say i am thrilled what awaits me.

    I would like to ask where i should look for thief mods ? Is there a thread for this like on website ?

    List of mods would be quite useful

    I really would like to try them all and i mean it i dont want to miss a single one of them. Beta version or full release i dont care - hit me.

    I am hungry as hell for Thief experience

    There are games and there is Thief
    I really am thankful for all hard work You guys doing here. Thank You for keeping thief alive keep on rocking.

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    By mods I assume you mean fan missions? I don't want to make it too easy on you, but maybe you should check out the Fan Mission Forum and read through some of the threads there (notably the stickied ones).

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    If you are looking for more recent mods, this thread has a rather comprehensive list. There are also rather complete patchers in the important topics on this forum, with TFix especially being very up-to-date.

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