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Thread: Bad songs you love / like anyway

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    Bad songs you love / like anyway

    As the title says, name some "bad songs" you love or like regardless.

    For me:

    Ace featuring Jaden and Willow Smith - Find You Somewhere - Man, some of the singing bits in this are laughable, but I dunno. I dig the background trancy beat. And if you watch the music video, Will Smith's kid's buck the trend that only white people can dance well to trance.

    Autotune the News - Bed Intruder - This one is sort of cheating as the words were autotuned later. But I just love this song despite the "bad" singing. A one of a kind song (much like Biz Markie's). I challenge you to listen to this and not have the tune stuck in your head for ages afterward.

    Biz Markie - Just a Friend - IMO this song is evidence that you don't need a good singing voice to make good music. For certain songs not having a good singing voice is what makes it so good. This is one of them. Has a very unique rhythm to it. Love this song.

    Friday - Rebecca Black - A horrible song, I completely admit. I quite like it anyway.

    Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks on Me - I have unique reasons for this one. When my now wife (then girlfriend) had a breakdown and was in a psych ward, I used this song as a way of bringing her back to reality. If only for a moment or two. Whenever she'd say "My minds playing tricks on me", I'd humm the beat to this tune. Would always make her smile and bring her back. Is it an odd tune? Sure. But I love it. If you've ever gone through a family member, or loved one go through severe mental trauma, then this is a good song to listen to (that isn't emo / depressing).

    Marky Mark - Good Vibrations - Love this song. Sure his other songs are meh, but with this one he nailed it.

    Tribe - Joyride - I'm sad that I only discovered this band MANY years after their hey day. If you like progressive rock stuff, this band was underappreciated IMO. The good side to it, is that due to their music not doing very well commercially many of the band members went into the games industry (eg Terri Brosius aka SHODAN, others later went off to Harmonix and helped make "Rock Band" etc). If there is an alternate universe where this band did well and kept making albums, I want to be in that one. Love their music. On discovering their music I immediately fell in love with their stuff.

    Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby - Now yes the dancing is funny sure, but the tune is excellent. The "Ninja Rap" song he did for the second TMNT movie I'm a big fan of as well.
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    Nah, music is too personal, important, goddamn emotional for me to ever love a bad song. If it's bad, it's bad.

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    This absolute masterpiece:

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    If you love it, how can it be a bad song?

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    I've liked songs hardly anyone else liked but I wouldn't call them bad-

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    I tried to sing Cameo's Word Up in karaoke with a younger crowd, and one of them literally turned it off mid-way.
    I guess they're not fans of people putting their hands in the air like they don't care.

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    White boys cant sing Cameo songs my dude, thats why it was turned off.

    ps I am a huge Cameo fan, well anything electro funk/soul from the 80's really.

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    Errr, Word Up is great. Who could say it's bad????

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    Those kids might, but you're right it doesn't really fit the intended question here.

    This might also not really fit... I took a look through my playlists, and the immediately obvious category would be dark ambient, which a lot of people (like my mother) would find completely unlistenable, but some of them are practically transcendent to me. The most flagrant of these -- the most alienating & the one I love the most -- would be Secret Abuse's Futility.

    But as for just a purely amateurish bad song all around, the winner for that for me would be X-tReMe PoWeR's Respect and Obey Authority. It's hard to say why I like this one so much but come on, come on.

    Edit: Also SPT's Everybody Knows Shit's Fucked, and the anime version for good measure. It's catchy, so I don't know if it fits the criteria, but it's a truther anthem and pretty anti-establishment to say the least. Looking at it though, Respect & Obey Authority and Everybody Knows Shit's Fucked are close to the two utter ends of the pole here, so I guess they deserve to come together.

    Oh, if we're going to go down this well....

    Early Shonen Knife was something else, Burning Farm.

    Daniel Johnston - I Live my Broken Dreams. This is the one where he just walked up on a stage, started playing, and got on MTV, having a little trouble keeping up the strumming...

    Half Japanese - I'll Change My Style

    Xiu Xiu - Sharp Dressed Man
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    This is cheesy but I love it for sentimental reasons. I don't think it ever charted but every teenage girl knew it once upon a time.

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    Intergalactic is FAR from a bad song. Did very well.

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    Biz Markie, Cameo, and Beastie Boys? What is this, amateur hour? Those are classics!

    Let me show you how it's done. Lemme show you how to appreciate some reeeeeeal garbage.

    OH YEAH!

    Oh and how about some Mindless Self Indulgence? Too GOOD you say? Well how about MSI-spin-off The Left Rights then? Now we're talking.

    Ah yeah, ok now we need to take it down a notch and chill out with some late-career Crash Test Dummies.

    And then bring it back up for a big finish. Bloodhound Gang AND Vanilla Ice? What a team-up!

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    Yes, Bruder should be banned for many reasons, but dissing the Beasties? #1 right there, he's gotta go.

    (And I'm sure I'm just giving him the attention he craves, oh well).

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    the besty boys are awarage and definatelly not good--- still love it

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    Man you gotta be ready to go full Judy Garland if you're posting that.

    I could see hedonicflux~~ going there -- I don't think he even needs any special occasion to go full Judy Garland -- but I'm not seeing you in the blue and white checkered dress just yet.

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