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Thread: we'll meet again

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    Taking the Death Toll
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    we'll meet again

    In case some of you haven't heard, it was announced yesterday that longtime poster Dusty/theBlackman has recently passed.

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    Thanks dethtoll. Sad news, 2018 really wasn't kind to us...

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    Location: Hong Kong
    Sad news indeed. RIP

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    Registered: Feb 2002
    Location: In the flesh.
    He was self deprecating, humorous, gracious, talented, and just a really nice guy. He had some interesting stories and I'm glad to have known him. The world is less without him. Although he wasn't about much in later years I feel the loss in mine.

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    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Rest in peace

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    Location: Idiocy will never die
    RIP Dusty.

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    Rip you old pirate.

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    I really loved his Mr. Feiht fiction.

    Dusty, don't black jack the angles...but nick a few purses's got to keep sharp.

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    Location: NeoTokyo
    Dusty was good people. He had some great stories and you could tell he loved singing his songs.
    I think his friend summed him up as "a true friend and a real human being".
    That's a hell of a nice epitaph to leave behind.

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    Moderator and Priest
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    RIP Dusty.

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    RIP Dusty.

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    Rest in peace.

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    I was wondering how he was. Sad news and thanks for letting us know, dethtoll.

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    may he rest in peace
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    Such sad, sad news. I know Dusty had been suffering from ill health for the past couple years. He is already missed. Rest in peace, old friend.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    RIP Dusty.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    Location: netherlands
    so sad to hear Rusty has gone.

    I will remember and miss that kind taffer and lovely musician

    here is one of my favorite dusty songs:

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    Registered: Apr 2005
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    I still have the package he sent me with my copy of T2X...

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    Registered: Aug 2002
    Location: Point Nemo
    R.I.P. Dusty.

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    Registered: May 2004
    Location: Canuckistan GWN
    So sad and sorry to hear of the passing of another iconic TTLGer.

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    Location: Athens of the North
    Really sorry to hear that he's gone. RIP

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    Registered: Jan 2014
    I don't actually know him at all, I'm more into Thief for the game itself and fan missions than the community, but there are two things I want to say...

    2018 was incredibly sad for many reasons, with extremes going on here, idiotic trends skyrocketing and worst of all, related to here and only here, famous TTLG forumgoers and FM makers that died untimely deaths. I still miss Lady Rowena even today.
    I wish I could know her and the others better, but it may have been best they knew nothing about me, my "reality" is controversy itself. (I'm not some "genocide-loving nazi" though)

    The other thing is, at the very least theBlackman died a somewhat peaceful death, old age instead of younger than 65, he may have lived more but alas, Death decide so.
    Builder bless thee, Dusty.

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    Rest in peace Blackman, we had much in common not least two old guys playing games with young intelligent crazies. I hope he enjoyed those times as much as I.

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    Rest in peace sir

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    Even being relatively new to TTLG myself, I feel this. RIP old man, it sounds like you had a reasonably good life.

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