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Thread: Thief Gold ESRGAN texture resize attemt

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    I've already done it with all textures. As already written...ESRGAN doesn't work well for stone and cave textures because it looks too 'cartoony'. But as i said, I've found another method to upscale them (look at my last screenshots) and this looks very realistic. This new method i use has nothing to do with ESRGAN! I did that with all rock, stone and cave textures. I will make a mix of both and release it as a pack.

    @ Akven

    Thank you again for all the work. I've downloaded your model pack.

    EDIT (screenhots):



    New method:
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    I'm waiting for full release)

    What about obj and mesh, can they be upscaled or there is limitation in engine?

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    Yes, ESRGAN is perfect for obj / mesh textures. I've upscaled them too.

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    I like the new version, too. Looking for further results.

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    That new method does look much better, I missed those screenshots.
    What did you do to create those? One of the other algorithms like SFTGAN?

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    Looks great. I'm really interesting in this rocks method used in upscaling.

    As for me, I'll upload comparison screenshots for different models as soon as I'll have time. Maybe on reddit too. For the purpose of them not being pig in a poke.

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    P.S. Will you do anything about tiling? Edges of the textures are clearly visible on your example. However, they were visible on the original too)

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    Screenshots for different models

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    Interesting thing - I've learned to upscale videos via ESRGAN. Looks good, tried some frames from Thief intro. Final result is 2560x1920. There are some artifact, but then downscaling down to 1080p - they are not visible.
    Bad thing - NewDark do not support anything larger than 640x480. So there is no point

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    Well if you mean playing them in game, that's true. But these days I usually include the 640x480 versions in my FM archive, but upload HD versions to Youtube and share the links here.

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    Ok, my attempt on machine learning Intro resize.
    This is Thief Gold Intro, taken from my re-filtered movies mod.
    Resized using ESRGAN to 1352x1080@30fps and slightly filtered for removing compression artifacts.

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    You could have used the lossless audio for intro that had been discovered recently. Here are the files:

    Also, some assetts could be taken from this video, which shared the same fragments of the intro and is in real 30fps.

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    Any updates?

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    Ok, since Gecko is not answering, I made my own upscaling project.
    Completed - all textures from fam folder, and some number of textures from mesh and obj folders.
    About half of the fam textures are manually edited in graphics editor to remove tiling on edges. About half left to be done.

    What I need to complete:
    -compare all the mesh and obj files from TFix and upscale them

    What I really need: is there is some automatic batch script to MASSIVELY create .mtl files with terrain_scale x y???!!! Or it will take another year to create them by hand.

    And another question: what textures do need env_map or illum_map in .mtl and what should be there? I think glasses and windows need some sort of illumination map, do they?

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    Sorry, i will release it soon. I'm very busy at the moment. No time for Thief All .mtl files are finished already in my pack. I don't think there is a way to use a batch script. I did all by hand

    I will not remove the 'edges' on the textures. Too much work. Maybe the community want to do this...

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    I'll release my Work In Progress version anyway, just to compare)
    Also I'm intending on creating illum_map textures for windows and glasses.

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    This is my version of all the fam textures with mtl files. About half of the textures are edited in graphics editor for correctly tiling.
    I used about 5 esrgan models: Manga109, MyManga109, Rocks and 2 my own Thief Gold models. Also I used DeDithering model, and run each model twice - on original texture and on dedithered version.
    Work in Progress. It is sometimes hard to compare screenshots with TFix, because it uses in several cases much different textures from Thief II in Thief Gold\MODS\FAM\.
    Several of my textures differs in color from originals. I'll try to fix that in time.!u1tD2AKC!4A-eYbVDc...MwadH90eJO64Sc
    Unpack it into Thief Gold\USERMODS\

    Currently working on obj folder, tiling and illum_map textures for windows and glasses.

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    Has anyone tried using ESRGAN with Thief Deadly Shadows? I know we have John P Collective tecxture pack but I always thought that certain vanilla textures in the game look better or have better bump mapping (albeit low resolution) that John P's.

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    Thief GOLD ESRGAN Pack v0.9!L11mmAoT!Pgfcj6xGK...0M57pYtmeNzBtw

    All the fam, mech and obj textures are upscaled and mostly correctly tiled by hand.
    About 1/3 of illumination maps are created for glasses and windows with lights so they will glow in game.

    Pack is intended for TFix because I also upscaled textures from it for mech and obj mods.
    All the textures for upscaling was taken from the original Thief Gold, not from the TFix T2 textures mod, cause it differs in aesthetics.

    Unpack archive into USERMODS directory.

    I'll create a comparison screenshots and proper readme when I will complete those 2/3 of illumination maps. And I also look forward for creating simple reflection map for metal, glass and bronze surfaces. I think it would be some sort of diagenv.png interpretation like in modders thread.

    P.S. Yes, it is possible to upscale Thief II, Thief 2X and Thief: DS - it just needs a huge amount of FREE time. I want to complete Thief Gold 1080p movies upscale first (The intro is already done).

    P.P.S. The water is very strange, I don't know why it behave so. It cycles animations through original textures and T2 water mod. Maybe if you delete water textures it will behave normal. Don't have time to check, later.
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    Your link to Thief GOLD ESRGAN Pack v0.9 doesn't work. Can you upload it once again please?

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    There is release version 1.3 already, you don't need the old 0.9 version

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