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Thread: A Question of Difficulty

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    A Question of Difficulty

    Being a 'l33t MLG Pro gamer' that was playing TDP from when it was first released I must admit that when I dived into FM's in a big way a few years back I took the mindset of only ever playing on Expert difficulty.

    It is only now, well over a hundred missions in, that I'm reminded of the seminal work that was the Inverted Manse and it's unique mission depending on the difficulty setting mechanic.

    So my question to the fine Taffers of the community is this: are there any other FMs out there that have a similar set up? Would hate to think that I was missing out on a completely different experience in an excellent mission because I automatically default to the highest difficulty level.

    Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before; attempted a forum search to find out but terms like 'difficulty' and 'difference' seemed too broad as parameters.

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    yes i asked this before there is a good amount of mission that change game play in a lot of different way ,of course i don't have list of mission names

    but this would be a good idea to have a categorize on board for this exact thing,missions that have difference in game play on different settings,and i don't mean just hard a.i.,i am talking about more to mission weather more area to explore new objective's that let you do stuff you were not able to do on a easier setting

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    "Lord Alan's Fortress" . It was long ago but I can remember testing it at great length. The main goals and game world didn't change like Inverted Manse but it was decided that the play style would. So it was decided to go with, lots of KO's and killing OK, KO's only and Mostly ghost but a few KO's Ok.

    "Art of Thievery" I recall only opened the full game world on expert.

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    I'm actually playing through Lord Alan's Factory at the moment. Nothing earth shattering like in Inverted Manse, but the first difficulty gives you tips on how to complete the mission, the 2nd gives no tips, and the 3rd gives no tips and also subjects you to a time limit (I believe 1 hour) to complete the mission.

    Also, hate to use my own mission as an example, but it's the only other one I can remember re: difficulty levels. In Through No Vault of My Own, on the 1st difficulty, you get the objective to kill all of the AI. On the 2nd one, you're not allowed to kill anyone, and on the 3rd, you can't been seen at all.

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    There are many FM's that force you to ghost on expert, but usually all difficulties use the same map.

    Hidden Agenda by Asylum is massively different on expert with significant new areas only available on expert.

    Properly Paranoid, a bit of a novelty FM has 3 completely different gaming styles depending on the difficulty. On klepto (normal) it's a loothunt, on vengeance (hard) it's a 'kill everything in sight' game, and on scuttle (expert) the maps opens up fully giving you a lot more puzzles to solve.

    And another one by Asylum, Heist Society is very different on each difficulty, but it mainly uses the same map, but with a lot less keys on expert, all of which have been moved around, making you run back and forth across the huge mansion in order to find them all.

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    It's not a typical style mission, but my mission Dance With The Dead allows you to pick between three play styles (plus three difficulties, so nine total combinations) which are quite different. Besides lots more AI on harder difficulties, the play modes place different equipment throughout the mission. Garrett mode is the standard mix of weapons and healing; Duke Nukem is offense only and no healing (plus iconic one-liners); and Suicide has no gear placed at all (as well as no starting equipment), so you have no way to take out any enemies.

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    Mission that comes to mind is "Being thief" by sensut which has 3 difficulty settings. "Smart, Quiet, Garrett". Perhaps the changes are not as big but the 3 "difficulty" settings allow you to chose your way of playing the mission.
    I've been playing on only expert aswell but later on found that certain missions are just better on lower difficulties for roleplay reasons.
    Like Running Interference. Why would you rob the whole place clean when you're breaking out your mates girl? Seems reckless.

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    The Inverted Manse's predecessor, Cult of the Resurrection also has similar difficulty mechanics. It seems to me that the entire Gems of Provenance campaign also has this going on.

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    How does it look on technical level? separate mission files?

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    Mostly Difficulty-->Destroy ​or other quest var options.
    Check out Inverted Manse or Properly Paranoid. Query for this property/Mission Quest Data.

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