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Thread: Far Cry: New Dawn - Post-apocalyptic Far Cry 5 direct sequel

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    When a head shot on an unarmored target does not = instant death then something is horribly wrong.

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    Agreed. By all means, give the enemies better equipment or *gasp* make higher-level enemies actually smarter. I'm even okay with *more* enemies. But a human enemy without any special armour that won't go down even though you've inflicted so many wounds on them that they might as well be cat food? I don't see how that is fun. (It's even worse if you actively see the numbers rising from them as you attack, and triply so if there's a health bar that diminishes a pixel per minute.) Assassin's Creed Origins had a lot of elements that were pretty damn cool, but the enemy levelling mechanic that has begun to pop up all over Ubisoft games needs to be shot in the head, repeatedly, until its health bar is at zero.

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