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Thread: Best FM's?

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    Best FM's?

    Just found out that Thief FM's are a thing, I'm looking for missions that are true to the original thief games, what are some of the better ones I should start out with?
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    "Best FM" is a bit of a broad term. If you want to start playing FMs, the best missions to start with ones that are easy to get into and retain the "Thiefy" atmosphere of the original games. By doing this, you can also get a taste of the different architectural styles that certain authors use and see what you like best.

    I recommend you start with Polygon's Small Thief series (with the entries being Zombie in the Basement and Sinful Opportunities), AsyluM's Hidden Agenda if you're into the mechanist category, skacky's Music of Sibel if you want to check out a good contest mission that is faithful to TDP, Melan's Prowler of the Dark and Heist Society.

    For more, definitely check out the FM category list if you want to narrow down the types of mission you prefer:

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    Many of the submissions from the recent 20th Anniversary Contest for Thief 1 are very good, and 'true to the original' Thief games in gameplay and style, without many of the limitations of 1998. You can find all of them here. For my own recommendation from this contest, I would start with:
    Shadow Play if you want a mansion mission/my personal pick for overall best of the contest,
    Sound of A Burrick In A Room or Rose Garden if you want an open-ended city mission,
    Lost Among The Forsaken or Heart And Soul if you want a Haunted Cathedral/Old Quarter mission,
    Darkness Walk With Us! or Catacombs of Knoss if you want a Bonehoard/tomb-raiding mission (Catacombs of Knoss is a two-parter; the first part is a city block)
    Honestly, you should play them all; they're all really good.

    If you really like the two city missions I suggested, then maybe try these (lived in detailed city, well-connected streets/rooftops gameplay):
    Shadow Politics/Between These Dark Walls/Endless Rain trilogy by skacky (Thief Gold)
    Chalice of Souls by FireMage, skacky & Squadafroin, aka Feuillade Industries (Thief Gold)
    Bad Debts/Disorientation by Melan (Thief 2)
    Dirty Money by DrK (Thief Gold)
    Behind Closed Doors by nicked (Thief 2)
    A Short Night's Work by bbb (Thief 2)
    Being Thief/Being Thief 2: Exile by Sensut (Thief 2)
    Lorgan's Web by Shadowspawn (Thief Gold)
    Trial By Night by Skarza.MJA (Thief Gold)
    L'Arsene and Goblins/Korrigans by Gaëtane (Thief 2, parts 1 and 3 of a larger series)
    Skeletons in The Closet by madwolf (Thief 2)
    Home Sweet Home by Lady Rowena (Thief 2)
    Cracks In The Glass by marbleman (Thief 2)

    And, in general, the all-time masterpieces according to this forum that I haven't already listed.
    Gems of Provenance by StinkyKitty
    Saints of Redmound/Returning A Favour by Morrgan
    Lord Beilman's Estate by Vlad Midnight
    Sepulchre of The Sinistal/Mystery Man by Doaal
    Autumn In Lampfire Hills by Purah
    Geller's Pride by Jani Saarijärvi, aka "Spitter"
    Cult of The Resurrection by Sledge
    Calendra's Cistern by Purah/Team Calendra

    The Thief 2 list is so big, I'll give it in a later post. But that should get you 'started'! Don't worry about playing these in a timely fashion; These have given myself and others many years of joy.

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    THIEF 2
    (these are all incredible, but for such a big list I'm putting ones you should play 'first' in bold. Basically everything in my previous post also counts as 'play first bold'.)

    A Smuggler's Request/Art of Thievery by Richard Cull/RiCh
    Among Two Storms by Haplo
    Ashen Age by Sliptip
    Dracula/Bathory/Nosferatu by Sensut
    Ominous Bequest/Broken Triad by Eshaktaar (Ominous Bequest is worth playing, if only because Broken Triad is a sequel to it)
    Drymian Codex by Yandros, Random Taffer and Tannar (remake of Monastory of St. Fera; perhaps play the original afterwards...)
    Durant by Mazur
    Gathering At The Inn/Mission X by Team CoSaS (Mission X is very un-Thief...)
    L'arsene/Emilie Victor/Goblins-Korrigans/The Den/The Black Frog/Happy New Year Mr. Lambert! by Gaëtane (she really is that good)
    Greyfeather Gems, Parts 1 & 2 (The Shipment/Rodamill) by Maria Ström/Morrgan
    Heist Society/Hidden Agenda by Mark Smith/AsyluM
    Keeper Investigations/A Night's Profit by intruder
    Darkstone Gems (The Conflict/Nobles And Craftsmen/Unexpected Detour/Point of Entry) by DarkMax (next part WIP!)
    Saints And Thieves by Spitter
    Saturio Returns Home by Robin G.
    Seven Sisters/The Tower/Rowena's Curse by Lady Rowena
    A Job Well Done/Unsung Villian by R Soul (Robin Collier) + Xorak & Wille
    All Torc/Stone And Glass Houses by R Soul (another case of the original is good, the sequel is phenomenal)
    Wicked Relics by Kfort
    A Debt Repaid by Ottoj55 (Jason Otto)
    A Dire Venture/The Royal Garmyth by Hidden In Shadows (Janne Kahkonen)
    A Keeper's Betrayal by The Immortal Thief
    A Pirate's Downfall/Memoirs of A Dead God/Sturmdrang Peak by Nicked
    Benny's Dead by The Gingerbread Man
    Conspiracies In The Dark/The Curse by Ramirez's Old Fat Burrick
    Coterie of Smokers/The Night Falcon/Curse of The Falcon/Raven Creek/Mission 3/Mountain Monastery/Pirates Ahoy!... maybe just play everything by Christine Schneider. The 1st mission of Pirates Ahoy! is perfect.
    Curse of The Skull Goblet by MossEater
    Defamation of Character by Proliffia
    Double or Quits/A Night In Rocksbourg 1-3/Greenbay by DrK
    Embracing The Enemy by Kung Fu Gecko
    The Trickster's Gem Mine (eight part series)/Raid On Washout Central by Belboz/Steven Hindley
    Heading Out by Camus
    Mystic Gems, Parts 1 and 2 (Unlucky Soul/Heart of Bohn)/Sir William's Keep by Wille
    The Inverted Manse by David "Sledge" Riegel; Paul M. Fox; Steve "Laz" Lazarus; Saturnine, and Paul "Loanstar" Billo
    Just For Show by Tumbleweed (William Hollingsworth)
    Just Take A Look/Two Fathers by uncadonego
    Lady Lisa's Harbour/Three Crowns by bbb (I previously recommended A Short Night's Work... seriously, play that first. It's a masterpiece)
    Tales From The Cleft (Vandal/Ladytaker) by Balboa (Doug Brainard) (yet another example of the original is good, the sequel is phenomenal)
    Of Thieves And Rubies by Silencium18 (great example of a short, solid and unpretentious campaign)
    Precarious Business by ObservingEye
    Resonance by HipBreaker/Jeremy Catlin
    Skull of St. Yora by Zaccheus (Richard C. Lafferty)
    The Favour by Beltzer
    Third Time's The Charm by Anonymous
    Turn of The Tide/Moth To A Flame by madwolf
    Watery Grave by Squadafroin
    Iron Heart/Breathing Corpses by FrenchDecay
    Morbid Curiosity by PukeyBrunster
    The Last Lighthouse Keeper/When Still.../Kingsbridge by Eternauta
    Zealot's Hollow by Xorak

    There are definitely more masterpieces than this, even some by authors listed here... but I haven't played them yet (...or I don't quite consider them masterpieces )

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    Well as the others said there isn't really a best fan mission. Especially since there are attributes which aren't comparable and the result mostly depends on personal taste.

    The others already mentioned lots of awesome missions -- those mostly which came in my mind. I'd only add one more entry, because this one was the first (or one of the first) FM(s) I ever played, so I have a personal touch with this one: All for a Night's Sleep
    Though the same goes for the already mentioned Rowena's Curse

    Otherwise I would recommend you to check the FM listing thread, which A.J already written here.
    Just pick any Fan Mission you see friendly enough to try the categories also help to find (or avoid) the type of mission you'd like.

    But of course the best depends entirely on Your preferences.
    There are really some masterpieces which are amongst the best but one won't like it if e.g. it's a forced-ghosting mission and the player really dislikes ghosting.
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    There are countless threads on 'recommended fm's' which can be found by using the search box. Honestly the best is a matter of opinion. The thing is that there are more than 800 fan missions, and pretty much all of them have something to offer to someone.

    If you just started playing fan missions you have a lot of catching up to do. But seriously if you stick to only the best then you will definitely miss out on some really good efforts.

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