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Welcome everyone to the second edition of Thief: Together In Shadows (known as Thief: Together in Dark Shadows - where we playthrough a mission together and share our thoughts, experiences and general discussion about the mission at hand. Please let us know what you enjoyed about the misson, what you didn't enjoy, if you successfully ghosted the mission or any other accomplishments you'd like to list.

To start off and in honor of the recent birthday of the first thief, we will play one of the early FMs of the Thief fandom titled Order of the Vine.

Together In Dark Shadows Volume One: Order of the Vine - Playing February 8th through February 22nd

Mission Information:
Fan mission Name: Order of the Vine
Author: Conor Armstrong (SilentSleep)
Originally Released: June 2000
Build Time: Off/On Dec 1999 to June 2000
Equipment Store: Yes
Custom Graphics And Textures: Yes
Custom Sounds: Yes
Multi Language Support: No

The Story:

"Another night, another job. Someone has been going to a lot of trouble to get my attention. Every fence in the City has told me some guy was asking how he could get in contact with me, so I've decided to find out exactly who my admirer is. I've found the part of town where he's hiding out, now I just have to find him..."

Note that this FM contains both a prologue mission and an epilogue mission

Screens: (Images from Dark Fate)

Mission Download Links:
The Circle

Note: If you need help on the mission please check this thread first: - this is a discussion thread about the mission itself, not a bug report or help me thread and you should find what you are looking for.