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Thread: Constantine's Mansion in Minecraft (Updated Screenshots)

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    Constantine's Mansion in Minecraft (Updated Screenshots)

    Hey fellow Taffers, just wanted to post an update that for anybody who was interested in seeing the outside of my Minecraft recreation of Constantine's Mansion, I've added screenshots to the album in the link below. As I mentioned in my original post, the outside was created to my own liking, so there are a couple of things that aren't actually part of the mansion in the game, one being the bridge/walkway at the back of the house which is just for a simpler connection between the two areas because I just didn't have the patience to try recreating all the garden tunnels. Please ignore any texture glitches/shadows that are showing, and thanks for all the positive comments on the original post

    (PS: I initially tried just editing my original post but I didn't see it showing up on the forum page so that's why I made this new post.)

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    If you had added a new post to your old thread, it would have bumped it to the top of the new post listings.
    Pretty nice work, BTW.

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    3 things i want to say ,first amazing job,second there is a video on youtube of some guy who made a keeper library on minecraft,third is there a way to take those textures and convert thief maps with those graphics and play it on newdark/fmsel?

    also would be coool if you recreated the city from the mission where you start out in weapons shop when farcus gets killed and rameriez mansions also a bigger task forsure but would be epic

    great job hope to see more maybe soulforge

    even trail of blood part 1 and 2 city first part and forest to maw second part

    i guess what i am trying to say is recreate the entire thief 1/g/2 games into minecraft and connect them all in map on minecraft using map already made,it can be the very first full thief world in minecraft
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