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Thread: Greetings and thanks!

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    Greetings and thanks!

    Hi all
    I am from Italy. I am reading this forum since around 2004, (I registered before but never write anything so the old account was deactivated). When I started to play DS, I was blown away by the game and it's setting, so i played the first two games and then tons of fan missions. The whole Thief world and this place have been really important to me, helping me in some difficult moments of my life (and being plain fun in the good moments).
    Since I've read that some members of the forums are passed away, I deeply regret I didn't say thank before.
    So now i would like to just say thanks to every author of fan missions, and to all those who wrote on this forum. This is such a special and peaceful place/community on the internet. Sometimes I don't come here for months, but just knowing in some corner of my mind that this community is still here makes me happy.

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    Hi Bruno
    I'm from Italy too and feel the same way, so grateful to the talented people who made my favorite game endless.

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    Welcome Bruno I too sat in the shadows for years getting hints and enjoying all the comments from members before I became one myself. This is an amazing group of people from all over the globe, and I hope it will continue to grow. I visit it probably once a day to see what is being discussed or if there is a new mission to enjoy!!

    Thanks to all for an enjoyable place to be!

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