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    12 is Fallout 4, albeit with armour originally seen in Fallout 2.

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    I had to crop them because I thought the HUDs (and in some cases player characters) made them too obvious!

    Driver: 14 correct
    Icemann: Sorry, nope!
    Henke: 18 and 19 correct, the others are not
    McTaffer: 12 correct

    Still to guess from my set: 11a, 13, 15, 16, 17, 20

    Edit: Ooops, I missed that dema had already posted an 11, now we have two and it's kind of too late to change it.
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    The problem seems to have solved itself.

    I think we're good with these big blocks of games for a while ... Eventually it can settle into the FM-game style if it wants (first one to correctly answer posts the next one; and maybe the poster puts the name in spoilers below it in case they're absent later on). Or stick with this style. It's all good.

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    I don't expect anyone will guess 21. I actually had to look it up because I couldn't remember what it was called.

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    A few more screenies. Since Iím out traveling right now itís gonna be all iPad games.







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    Wow... I only know one of those, and even there I'm not sure. Is 30 Monument Valley or is it Monument Valley 2? I've only played the former and don't remember that scene, so I'd guess it's the latter.

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    It's the former. I remember that scene. It was a brief scene anyway.

    Edit: In my review of GRIS I meant to reference it (I didn't because I thought it might be too obscure), as it was the first game that came to my mind that, before GRIS, exemplified this kind of genre, or this kind of aesthetic and gameplay -- highly stylized, kind of arabesque, sweet & emo tone, simple puzzles & constructed almost like a glorified Flash game, just very very artistically done.

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