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Thread: Trying to remember name of FM

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    Trying to remember name of FM

    If anyone can help me out by telling me the name of this FM based off a description.

    You start at street level in a map with HUGE vertical scale. Looking up there are maybe a half dozen storeys above you, of overhanging structures of brick and wood.

    Key storyline element is you are looking for a prophetess. Crooks have captured her and are trying to hold her hostage, I think. Pagans are involved too, somehow. These crooks are the ones patrolling the street and fulfilling the typical role of the guard.

    Atmosphere is full of dread, and as you break into people's homes, you get a glimpse into their individual lives, which are unfailingly bleak. One lodger has a fixation with a woman and his wall is covered in masks of her face.

    I also invite anyone to recommend other FMs similar to this one (if they can recall it), as it was a particularly cracking one when I played it.

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    Moved to the FM Forum.

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    Sorry, can't help with the name, but this sounds interesting.

    Also, vertical ones with tall buildings are usually by Melan or skacky, but those missions nearly always operate with a story filled with nobility, small time thieves and gang unrest around the city. Lost in the far edges also contains really huge buildings, but you play on roof level and don't ever go down to the streets.

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    Sounds like Zealot’s Hollow

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    Was there anything supernatural in mission? I recall one about Garrett going on a mission after being berated by Keepers for his lifestyle of looting one mission only to spend everything to prep for the next one.

    That one I think involved a deserted town though that became less so after discovering some dimensional gateway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfinituS View Post
    Sounds like Zealotís Hollow
    Hmmm... there were tall buildings, but was it filled with thieves?

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    Waa it one of the verticle contest missions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfinituS View Post
    Sounds like Zealot’s Hollow
    Seconded, definitely sounds like Zealots Hollow (which did indeed have a fair number of thieves in it).

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    I will third it as its definitely Zealots Hollow.

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    Thank you all for the responses! As soon as I read Zealot's Hollow, I knew that was the one. Such a great fan mission, I will gladly take any further suggestions anyone cares to make.

    And @ticky, since you mentioned Lost at the Far Edges I will definitely check out those two authors you mentioned, that's another favourite of mine (haven't played, but have seen it played). The atmosphere is fantastic and that Silent Hill loop is so effective.

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