Japanese mission in English by JIS. Downloaded from thiefmissions.com. After a failed assassination attempt, the wounded target person has been hospitalized. Sneak into the building and finish the job.

The hospital is small, but has an interesting layout. The front entrance is too well guarded, but you can use a ladder or a rope arrow to climb up to the roof. From there, you can rope down to a window of the room in which your target is. Kill him with an arrow and the mission ends.

Yakuza has potential, but I don't think the author spent enough time on it to make it work. Right at the start of the mission, you fall a small distance to the pavement below. This causes enough noise for civilians and guards nearby to get alerted. I don't know if this was intentional. Later on, as you climb up to the roof of the hospital, there is only impenetrable blackness beyond walls surrounding the playable area. Lots of early missions let the player see this. Always a bit of an immersion breaker. Next, entering the hospital proper will inevitably get you get caught. The place is too cramped and too well lit to sneak around in. You have the option to turn off some of the ceiling lights with a lever located on the rooftop, but in my experience this does not help much. Thankfully, you start out with just enough broad and rope arrows to kill all the guards and your target. Finally, as you enter your target's room, you find him floating above his bed. Bottles on his bedside stand are also floating in midair. This lacks care and polish. Overall: 2/10.