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Thread: Newb Questions from Tobey

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    Newb Questions from Tobey

    Hi again everyone!
    I came here a few months ago with help getting Thief2X working. Now I want more help about how to get Thief Gold mods working.
    Still haven't beaten Thief Gold, but I don't understand how I can get an FM loader working with Thief Gold. I checked the FAQ, but I'm not very tech savvy, so I didn't understand what it was telling me-- though that might just be the jet lag.
    Anyway, how to get an FM loader for Thief Gold up and running, is what I'm asking. Thanks.

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    If you've installed Tfix (as you should have), you already have FMSel, which is a perfectly fine FM loader. Since you're new, there's no need to complicate matters any more than that.

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    Here's a guide I made for using FMSel (I can't believe it was almost 7 years ago):

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    be sure once missions are in your fan mission folder,load up darkloader then close it

    then load up dark loader ini page and make sure all the missions for thief 1/g now added to list have a 1 instead of a 2 then close/save then the missions will work correctly

    ^that is what i have to do for most all thief 1/g fan missions to get them to work

    and yes i use all up to date versions of things i need

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