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Thread: From player to mapmakers: do's and don'ts

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    We could equally well have a "dos and don'ts" for the critiquing of missions:
    -do consider signing up to betatest a mission
    -do be constructive
    -do focus on the mission in your critique
    -don't resort to name calling

    Also, technical issues are more important than your preferences. You can't do much about the theme of a mission, but you can help fix something that is broken. If you really don't agree with the theme, then kindly suggest a change, but don't get your knickers in a twist if your request is not heard.

    The only advice for authors I have is to make something you like yourself, have it thoroughly betatested, and, when you release it, be clear about what the mission's theme is. If you want to make a classic Thief mission, then do so. If you want to make a romantic space opera comedy about a cave hermit and a big fish, then do so.

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    *picking lock*

    What guard?

    Oh you mean that guy over there that is currently unconscious?

    Nah, I'm safe... now back to this ridiculously tough luck.

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    Breaking news from the UK House of Commons ...

    Speaker Bercow: "We come now to motion number 23 on the order paper on the subject of shorter lockpicking. Do we move formally by the whip?"

    Government Thief Whip: "We make a move."

    Bercow: "Thank you. The question is as on the order paper. As many as are of that opinion say Do."

    Most taffers: "Do."

    Bercow: "Of the contrary, Don't."

    Groveller-in-Thief: "Er ..."

    Bercow: "I think the Do's have it, the Do's have it. Unlock!"

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