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Thread: Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest: RESULTS! Mar 1 2019

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    Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest: RESULTS! Mar 1 2019

    The results of the Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest voting are in!

    Congratulations to Tannar and PukeyBee for the win with their entry The Scarlet Cascabel!

    They barely edged out DrK and skacky for the win!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A text version of the scores is in this post.

    The original thread (now unstickied) is here:

    If you wish to look through a Google sheet containing the above scores page plus all the votes for every mission, it is here.

    Authors will receive by PM or email all of the comments their mission(s) received within the next week or so (whenever I have time to do it). Also, as with past contests, selected comments on each mission will be posted in a separate thread as soon as I can get to it, perhaps this weekend. There were over 1700 votes cast with around 75 per mission, so there are a lot of comments to sift through.

    EDIT: Thanks to fortuni for creating lootlists for every mission!
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    Congratulations Tannar and Pukey! You guys almost went mad in the last weeks before deadline, and it's understandable : the amount of work in your mission is outstanding. It is a well deserved win.

    Congrats to all the participants, these are tight scores. Such a quality contest that was

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    Congratulations Tannar and Pukey! You should feel especially proud to have won a contest with so many great contenders for the top spot!

    Here's a message for people who tend to come along later and only play the missions that finished near the top (I've done it myself!): There are several all-time classics outside of the top 5. Don't pass over them! The quality of the entries in this contest were just that good and that competitive.

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    Congratulations to Tannar and Pukey! (and DrK and skacky too). A well deserved victory!

    Altogether, the contest spoiled us with a whole lot of outstanding missions, which will be ranked among the classics in the years to come. May our community continue to produce such amazing work!

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    The Scarlet Cascabel was one of three maps I didn't manage to play before the deadline. Looks like I was missing out! (The other two I didn't get to were Lord G and The Tomb of St Tennor)

    Congratulations, everyone! There's some amazing maps here showcasing a whole bunch of creativity. I had a whole lot of fun playing them.

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    Congratulations, everyone! The Scarlet Cascabel blew me away and got my highest score by several points! The rest of the top 5 was not quite in the order that I ranked them, but pretty darn close. What a contest!

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    Congratulations to ALL contestants :)
    Now, I'm curious how many of 30s did each of the missions receive? :)

    I'm glad there will be a version 2.0 of Scarlet Cascabel :)
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    Congratulations Tannar and Pukey!

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    Congratulations Tannar and Pukey.

    This was such an amazing contest so my thanks to the contestants and organisers. We continue to be so very lucky in the goodies we are given.

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    Thanks to all the authors, testers, organizers and congratulations to Tannar and Pukey. As Sally Fields would say "We like them, we really like them !!!"

    I had so much fun playing these and will have fond gaming memories of the Winter of 2018/2019.

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    Congrats to all!

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    Thanks to everybody who contributed to the contest; this was a lot of fun!

    May the T2 Contest be just as successful!

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    Awesome contest! Good to see a lot of people come out strong, so many fantastic missions!

    And I will be back!

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    Dang, I played so few of these. And none of those that I played were even top five. Crazy.

    Oh well, just means I have a pool of missions waiting for me to play. Better than having no more "unplayed" missions to play.

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    Played it and called it immediately after..., Scarlet Casabel is a masterpiece, no doubt.
    I still have a few missions left to play (sadly I didn't get around to all of them), will do so in the coming months.
    Congrats to all of the participants, in my book, you are all winners just for taking the time and commitment to actually submit a mission entry for a 20 year old game that old geezers like me get to enjoy and remember his childhood joys...
    I really have to get my act together and make a mission for the Thief 2 anniversary contest.

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    This contest produced perhaps the greatest Thief Gold missions ever released.

    It was a pleasure playing through this excellent collection of missions and the winner was certainly deserving of such a title. This contest was truly one of great achievements. Well done to all involved.

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    Again, I would like to thank everyone who participated and submitted a mission. Congratulations are in order to Pukey and Tannar who delivered a masterpiece that is easily on par with Rowena's Curse and Ominous Bequest, and that I genuinely did not see coming. Congratulations are also in order to the people who released their first mission for the contest: vfig, Phantom, McTaffer, Schlock, Jayrude, mtk, Psych0sis, Swiz and Marzec. This contest also saw the return of Haplo and Melan, who both delivered high quality missions.

    Like Twist says, one shouldn't only play the top 5 as a vast majority of the missions made for this contest are easily classics in the making and should not be overlooked.

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    Tannar and I want to thank skacky for creating and organizing this contest, a wonderful tribute to our favorite game. It's been quite an adventure, and we feel privileged to be a part of it.

    We also want to thank Yandros for all his work organizing and administrating the contest, but most especially for his continual willingness to help other authors. Without his technical know-how, as well as his Herculean efforts on our behalf, this mission would never have seen the light of day.. or at least have made it in before the contest deadline!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in any capacity: testers, voice actors, artists, etc. who worked so hard to make this contest a reality.

    A huge congratulations to all the authors who entered.. your efforts and talent are appreciated by all, and as always it's the community who wins from your hard work. In particular, congratulations to the first-time authors who entered this contest. It took guts to jump into such an endeavor as a beginner, and we applaud you. We are all looking forward to more missions from you.

    We are honestly surprised by our win, because there are some truly superlative entries that blew us away. Certainly the top scoring missions all deserved to win, and we're just glad it wasn't up to us, because frankly it's too difficult to choose between them. In fact, the scores are so closely spaced that on any given day any one of them could have taken the top slot.

    Skacky, DrK and Nicked, and many others, produced incredible missions that are destined to become all-time classics. We are honored to find ourselves in the company of such talented authors.

    Thank you to all the players and mission authors whose shared passion for this amazing game keeps our community thriving twenty years after its first release. We're looking forward to the next twenty years!

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    grats to all but "in and out should have been in top 10 my view

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    grats to all but "in and out should have been in top 10 my view
    I think in a contest with so many entries, worrying about top five or top ten is a bit arbitrary. In & Out scored 22.5, the top three scored 26.3-5. The difference between the top 14 missions is only 4.737. It was an incredibly competitive and close contest.

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    Congratulations to Tannar and Pukey Brunster for winning! And congrats to every author who made a mission for this contest. There are instant classic FMs here, demonstrating that Thief's 20th struck a chord. I did not vote as I did not play near enough of them, so now I continue to dive into and enjoy these wonderful creations.

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    Congratulations Tannar and Pukey Brunster! The Scarlet Cascabel was one I didn't actually manage to finish on time, so I can see I'll have to rectify that!

    Fourth place is higher than I was anticipating, so I'm super happy with that!

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    Big time congratulations to Tannar and Pukey Brunster

    It was a tremendous mission and rightly deserves to be considered a classic, though I have to admit I did not give it top marks as I deducted a few points due to a number of bugs. I'm also a bit surprised that both Darkness Walk with Us and An Enigmatic Treasure with a Recondite Discovery didn't score as well as I expected, which only goes to prove that how wrong I always am.

    However it was a tremendous contest with so many high quality missions that everyone ended up being a winner in one way or another, so thank you to all the authors for your contributions.

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    Congratulations to the winners!!!

    I thought " The sound of a burrick in a room" was from Melan and that "catacombs of knoss" was from

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    Thanks everyone for your comments. And I wanted to add another thank you to you, skacky, for inspiring us to enter this contest. This was your vision, and you were the driving force behind it all, and I'm glad that the TDP anniversary was honored in this way. I never considered doing a T1 mission before, but I learned a great deal doing it, and it was a rewarding experience.

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