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Thread: Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest: RESULTS! Mar 1 2019

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    Tannar runs Barter Town.

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    This contest revitalized my interest in Thief fan missions after not playing a single one for almost eight years.
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    Congratulations to Tannar and Pukey Brewster! I would like to congratulate all of the contestants for all of their hard work and dedication. A lot of authors in the past have said after six months or so of working on their missions they were sick of them already so it takes a lot of perserverance to see them through completion.

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    Yes, big thanks to all for their hard work!

    I couldn´t agree more that there are awesome missions outside of the top 5!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardia View Post
    I thought " The sound of a burrick in a room" was from Melan
    I know he is a miraculous mission-making machine, but not even Melan could have produced Sound of a Burrick AND Rose Garden in the same year!

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    TDP 20th Anniversary Contest Lootlists

    Thanks to those authors that checked my work and corrected my many mistakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skacky View Post
    Congratulations are also in order to the people who released their first mission for the contest: vfig, Phantom, McTaffer, Schlock, Jayrude, mtk, Psych0sis, Swiz and Marzec.
    *Cough* second mission *cough*, thanks!

    It was fun and honor to be a part of this. This contest was a huge event. And I am glad I am not the only one working on 2.0 of a contest mission!

    Personally, I think many missions have huge replayability factor. Aspecially when you try to complete them all before voting deadline, which I successfully did.

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    Congrats and thanks to everyone. Truly a stellar turnout and some surefire mainstays have been added to my list of inevitable replays. This whole event really was a testament to the lasting passion and talent still present in this game's community and the strong legacy it's had in so many lives. Just wish I had been more decisive to try and rate every single entrant! Point scales are always difficult for me.

    Can't wait to see what the next contest will bring. Though to be honest if it follows a lot of what T2 contains, I do hope it's a little less undead, heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irg View Post
    Can't wait to see what the next contest will bring. Though to be honest if it follows a lot of what T2 contains, I do hope it's a little less undead, heh.
    Might get hate for this opinion, but it should be acknowledged that Thief 2 was a lot less mystical with its enemy variety and mission objectives, and I hope authors who intend to participate for the next Anniversary Contest keep that in mind.

    And no I'm not a "all zombies are bad" type of player, hell even my favorite mission of the contest was Lost Among the Forsaken. It'd just feel right to get more grounded experiences next contest, but authors are entitled to make whatever they want, I'll always enjoy a great mission! :P

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    My thoughts exactly. It was just a bit surprising at the number of entries that followed a fairly similar structure. Overall I was fine with it, just happened to play a few of them straight after another. I suppose as the saying goes, "Great minds think alike", and such a common overlap shows how well everyone managed to capture and condense T1's whole "essence" into only 1 or 2 missions. But that's also why I have hopes to see some similar approaches with T2 down the line.

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    Well done everyone ! You offered us gorgeous missions, and I'll surely remember this gaming winter It left me strong impression.

    I'm a bit surprised about the harsh marks with some missions. I personally gave average marks for everyone since all 23 missions were playable and enjoyable at a minimum, and even the 1st-mission authors did a great job. Special mention for vfig, I wouldn't have ever imagined it was your first mission, and you got one of my top marks for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    I know he is a miraculous mission-making machine, but not even Melan could have produced Sound of a Burrick AND Rose Garden in the same year!
    lol, now that you mention that makes me think that it would have been very hard to make both maps in the same year, but both authors have a similar style, even though Skacky is more detailed retarding textures and architecture shapes.

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    A big thank you to all the authors.

    I really need to find time to finally play all the missions

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    Thanks to all FM authors, contest organizers, vote counters, and most of all to Looking Glass Studios or we wouldn't all be here. This was truly an amazing once-in-20-years heist!

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    Congratulations to everyone !
    This contest has been very challenging I must say that I'm proud of all our authors who all made very good works !

    I also want to congratulate all authors who has launched their dromedist carreer with this contest (could their missions be their first or even second mission) and wish them to carry on their projects and do more.

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    Big Thanks

    First of all, special thanks to Skaky and Yandros for their hard work. Fantastic contest.

    Thanks to all the authors, testers, voice actors and anyone else who helped. The missions were terrific and gave us all many hours of great game play. I was especially impressed with the authors who submitted a mission as their first effort. Incredible (my first FM was very lame). Please keep making missions. Dromed is addicting (in a good way).

    Congratulations to all, there were no losers in this contest, only winners. The biggest winners are the players.


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    Congratulations to everyone who entered and played these missions. I think this is a win for everyone on both sides. So happy to see the community thriving after two decades. Thanks to skacky and yandros for starting and seeing this through, and to everyone who contributed and played. I had several things keep me away from my desk over the last couple of months, so I still have several missions to play and I am excited to finish them.

    I am thrilled to have been apart of this contest, and to finally be able to call myself a mission author after 'tinkering' with DromEd for so many years. I also can't believe you guys liked Bedlam as much as you did! I was ecstatic to see the scores.

    Several big projects on the horizon for me, some I was working on long before the contest. Planning to release at least one FM this year. Also have some surprises up my sleeve. Still debating if I have time to invest in the T2 anniversary, we'll see!

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    Congratulations everyone-- I hope no one feels bad about where they placed, this contest was fantastic from beginning to end.

    I'd be interested in tallying my own personal scores to see how my rankings hold up to this...I feel like it would be close.

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    • Let me know within the next few days if you do NOT want any of your mission's comments posted publicly. Otherwise a few of the comments for each mission will be posted here within a week or so.
    • Also, I have begun privately messaging ALL of the comments your mission received to each of you. Give me a day or two to finish that.

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    Just.. DO IT ! Publish my mission's comments publicly !

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    Yeah no objections here!

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    All good, go for it.

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    Publish all of them, no objections whatsoever.

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    Feel free.

    I'd also be interested in a post-mortem thread, especially for other new authors for discussion of Dromed-wrangling and design issues.

    Eg: Why is Game mode Alt-G, but the "never ever do this" turn-off-grid option Ctrl-G. Arrrrrrgh.

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    @Yandros, you asked to let you know whether we do NOT want any comments to be published. I agree to publish them, except comments containing crucial spoilers.

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