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Thread: where is viktoria's area located on thief map/world?

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    where is viktoria's area located on thief map/world?

    i was just thinking after tracking lt mosley then following the pagan to that warp in cemetary ,my question is kinda two parts is viktoria realm/woods part of thief map or is it connected to maw through warp only?

    seems like only way to get to viktoria realm from city is a warp and then to get to maw seems like you have to use another warp

    or are they all connected somehow?

    wonder what happen to viktoria thisolades,her aids some of them had to make it?

    thief 3 seems like pagans were forced underground

    ^a big gap in my view from thief 2 and where the pagan ended up in thief 3

    would be interesting if they ever make thief 4 to make the story whole for thief 1,g,2,3 into 4 ,if mortal kombat can do it for 11 games i think thief can pull it off

    long live viktoria without her help karrass would not have been stopped

    dewdrop is a reminder of that

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    Victoria's area, eh? A big gap you say, hmm? I think a resounding fnarr fnarr is in order!

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    I like a tall glass of thisolade with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint.

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    i just never seen anyone show where viktoria area/maw are on a thief maps???

    also if maw is only accessed by warp from viktoria area? and if viktoria area is only accessible by warp from city? are they 2 separate places from main map??

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    Taking your question seriously for a moment. I don't think the game is explicit about the location at all, but it's fairly easy to infer where it is.

    It's in a forest somewhere close to, but outside of, the city. This can easily be inferred by the presence of Mechanists, who probably didn't use a portal to get there, and walked (the map is closed for gameplay reasons, there are probably plenty of paths, like how you can't leave Cragscleft's quarry).

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    weather the map is closed off ,should not matter to at least show how mechs got there without a warp

    for example we all know shale bridge is northeastern area of city map ,then at area where you pick right or left left would be shale brigde and right is cemetary/access to viktoria area

    also what about maw is that also accessible without warp,i am pretty sure some of the apes had bones in maw from humans,and i doubt they brought them there from elsewhere

    i guess i am just shocked people put so much time into a thief world map and never added access points to viktoria's area/maw besides the only 2 ways by warp we know

    and yes i understand what you mean by blocking map off but they could have still left a dead end trail/etc

    the entire reason for this board is i use to think to get to viktoria area was possible from city,but not possible to get to maw from city but only by warp via viktoria area??

    and ty triangletooth for posting ,and i am being serious about this question

    also according to current thief map i did not see a forest :P

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    The Pagan village, aka "Viktoria area," aka Beck o' the Wills (according to the in-game map), is definitely accessible from The City on foot, at least in-universe. In the northeast hut, a scroll mentions that a Pagan named Cedar smuggles plants into The City and brings them to someone called Jabril. Earlier, in "Blackmail," a scroll in the guard quarters mentions Jabril selling out his Pagan associate to Officer Morgan for money and explaining that said Pagan leaves through Carter's Gate. It certainly sounds to me like Cedar travels back and forth on foot, rather than using any portals.

    As for why the two areas of the Maw of Chaos weren't included on the map from the Mapping out The City project? Well, there simply isn't any way to tell where the Maw is located in relation to The City. We never hear of anybody entering or exiting the Maw except via portal. For all we know, the Maw could be really deep underground or in another plane of existence altogether.

    On a side note, remember that Garrett was completely unfamiliar with the Beck o' the Wills village when he arrived, so there's definitely more than one portal into the Maw of Chaos.

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    thank you grand mauden i figured pretty much the same thing over all

    they were both great area's to explore

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    There are tons of references to Pagan forests outside the city borders. There's no way to really map it since there are no specifics, but it seems likely those forests are very close to the city, probably just beyond the supporting farmlands that presumably exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grandmauden View Post
    For all we know, the Maw could be really deep underground or in another plane of existence altogether
    I think the latter is true.

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