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Thread: Cutting-edge Contemporary Thief Install?

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    Cutting-edge Contemporary Thief Install?

    After a game-playing hiatus, and a brand new gaming laptop, I find myself yerning to get back The City again, as well as catch up on the cheering number of new fan missions I see have been released since my time away. I also see that there are a bewildering number of new enhancements available. As a favor to an old taffer (I've been playing Thief since Gold was released, and have been on the forums almost as long, though not with this login), would somebody be kind enough to give me some pointers to bringing my GOG TG and T2 up to date and speed? Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you kindly.

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    I'd try exploring the "Unofficial Comprehensive Patch for Thief 2" and "unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold" stickies pinned at the top of this very subforum.

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    Hey, those are almost a one-stop-shop, thank you. I've found the hd textures for each, so I suppose that about does it, unless somebody can suggest something else.
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