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Thread: Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

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    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

    I probably should have posted in the hype thread or something, but come on, TR4NE surely deserves its own thread!

    The first trailer for Trine 4 and some other info about the new game has just been released. I've loved all three Trine games so far (yes, even the third one!) so I'm getting all excited here again. While the 3D in Trine 3 had its moments, it just didn't work as well and didn't capture the feeling of the first two Trines, so I'm pleased to see that they've ditched the 3D and decided to go back to good old 2D again. Strangely, they also seem to have ditched the story that was kind of left unfinished in Trine 3, or at least I couldn't see any connection there. Ari Pulkkinen is still the man behind the music and sound design, so all should be well on the sound department too. Apparently this time around there'll be an online co-op mode as well, so hopefully that'll attract even more players.

    It looks like return to Trine 2 in many ways indeed, which isn't a bad thing at all. Nice and easy puzzles with a few monsters thrown in here and there. The fairytale atmosphere is still there, and I like it how the game looks more colourful, and if possible, even more beautiful! I'm now gonna have to wait until fall to play this, but fortunately my ever-growing gaming backlog and newborn baby will keep me busy enough in the meantime.

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    I don't really have more to add. I loved the Trine series, also preferred the 2.5D games to the 3D one (which was also sadly short).
    Instant wishlist for me.

    Edit: Trine 2 had online coop, and IIRC it was back-ported to Trine 1 as well. Can't recall about Trine 3.
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    I had no idea there was a Trine 3. Loved 1, didn't care for 2.

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    Woohoo! I loved T1 and T2 even more so. I never finished the 3rd (probably didn't give it a fair chance), so am happy to hear they are going back to side-scrolling.

    B.t.w. congratulations Tomi

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    Trine 2 was a great co-op experience. 3 had its issues, and it was criminally short, but it had co-op and there was just enough magic left in it that I'd hoped for a fourth, proper return. Can't wait!

    Oh, and congratulations, Tomi!

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    Glad to see this. The Trine games were great, especially in co-op.

    But it's also heartening to see Frozenbyte still alive and kicking. They were in a bit of trouble there for a while when Trine 3 ran out of funds and had to be released in a somewhat half-finished state, and then after that they released that flimsy-looking Shadwen thing. But now it seems they're back on track with new publisher Modus, so that's good.

    also good job on having a baby, Tomi!

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    I didn't even realise that the older Trines had online co-op! I thought that they were thoroughly enjoyable in single player, and I can't even see how the co-op would work. Apparently it does though, so I'll have to try it out some time. I would imagine that with two players the "puzzles" would be dead easy, not to mention the combats.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrian View Post
    I had no idea there was a Trine 3. Loved 1, didn't care for 2.
    In my opinion Trine 2 is better in just about every single way than Trine 1, especially with the Goblin Menace DLC. Trine 2 fits easily in my top 10 favourite games.

    I have mixed feelings about Trine 3. It's still pretty and some of the Trine magic is definitely there, but the third dimension doesn't really add anything to the game. On the contrary, it just makes controlling the characters a little bit more awkward, and the physics puzzles don't really work as well as they do in 2.5D either. The combats in Trine 3 aren't that much fun either, they often just turn into chaotic button mashing. And the story... well, it couldn't be more obvious that they just had to wrap up a half-finished game and release it. Still, despite of my criticism, there's a solid game underneath some of those flaws, and I feel that the bad reputation that Trine 3 has is a bit unjustified. Trine 3 still handles all those things that I just mentioned better than many other similar games out there.

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