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Thread: Fallen Dungeons

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    Fallen Dungeons

    Hello everyone,

    Just making a little post about our Dungeon Master style game. Announcement trailer is here on youtube -

    Any thoughts are very welcome.


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    The game doesn't look too bad!

    The trailer could be better though. The music is almost too dramatic and it kind of distracted me. And it doesn't match what's happening on the screen.
    At the end of the video there's a list of features in the game, but instead of a long list of things that appears on the screen for a few seconds, you could have introduced those features one by one during the video and actually show these things in action. You're making it look like the game's all about combat and there's really nothing else going on, which probably isn't the case.

    Good luck with your game.

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    Hello, thanks for the comments. The music is my fault, big John Carpenter fan

    This video was mainly about the battles as this is where our game stands out (we think). The next videos will show the other items on the list (promise).

    We are only a 2 man team so it takes a while to get this stuff done ... thanks again!

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    Looks really cool. I really like that kind of medieval dark fantasy atmosphere. Coupled with that music, it kind of reminds me of King's Field .

    Can't wait for more videos!

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    They are coming ... the game is a lot further along than this video makes it look (promise)!

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    Ohhh that does look good! I love Dungeon Crawlers, I'm defiantly getting a Eye of the Beholder vibe there!

    Not sure if you're on Facebook or not but there is a Dungeon Crawler group that would love this game, It's called Dungeon Crawlers : RetroGaming.

    Tell them Gary the Polar Bear sent you

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    Looks nice, but here's the most important thing, and any Dungeon Master fan will agree with me:
    Can you slam doors on monster 's heads? HMMMM?

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    Joined that group on FB, thanks for the heads up. Hopefully people will likey!

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    Unfortunately, physics doors and monster heads dont play nice together We have other ways of killing though which are just as fun!

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    As for the trailer, fade ins and outs are too long, and actual gameplay shots are pretty short. The overall impression is that you have something, but you're shy or afraid to show it. Second important thing IMO is, that we're living in a post-Grimrock 1 & 2 world, which did a lot to revive the genre. That video doesn't really show how your game is different or more innovative from theirs. E.g. there's barely any interface or mechanics presented. I grew up with Dungeon Master and Ishar games, but I'm not super keen on trying this one out, after this trailer.

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    Understood, we want to keep our powder dry at this time. We arent looking to more innovative as such just adding to the genre of quality dungeon crawlers (hopefully). More vids coming soon so maybe they will help.

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    I can see where you got the music from, cough the thing cough, a particular fav of mine along with the fog, I'm liking the look of it already, how is the fighting handled? ie just hack n slash via mouse? or more keyboard based? I gre up playing eye of the beholder and both dungeon masters so I'm liking the look of this, are you publishing on steam?

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    Yes the music is very John Carpenter, a personal favourite of mine The fighting is like EOB and DM with a little twist which we will show in later vids Steam page is currently under review by Valve, should be up by the end of next week. Cheers and thanks for your nice comments.

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    This looks cool! I tried to find the Steam page to wishlist it, but google sent me here instead.

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    Thank you! The Steam page is currently under review with Valve, should be up in the next few days

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    More show, less tell. Most people go to watch trailers, not to read them. Any text in a trailer should be short and snappy. "In time, fire will fade." "And only the dark will remain." Maybe not necessarily something about the game, but rather something the game is about, if that makes sense.

    A trailer is there to hook people's attention and it only has a limited amount of time and space to do it. Once people are intrigued, then they will go look for more information in the description of the video or the home page or forums or wherever you put all the exciting features that you want people to know about, that there are NPCs and crafting and menus and different environments and that you can move sideways as well as forwards and backwards and that you can fight monsters and that the AI does not suck and that the story is not crap.

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    Nice music... pretty graphics and animations... could be quite nice. Good luck with it!

    Starker, I have to disagree with you about the text.
    More show, less tell. Most people go to watch trailers, not to read them. Any text in a trailer should be short and snappy.
    The final list of features aside, there was hardly any text to read; and what was there, while not exactly breaking new ground for the genre, was well-phrased and atmospheric, and set the scene pretty well. The trailer could undoubtedly be better in lots of ways, but "too much reading" is an almost surreal complaint to my mind.

    "In time, fire will fade." "And only the dark will remain."
    To me that would be meaningless and dull.

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    If you like that sort of thing, that's fine, but trailers are a visual medium first and foremost. I would wager that for every person who thinks there can't be enough text and that a list of features is the best way to introduce a game, there are many more who are left entirely underwhelmed by it.

    A trailer should hook you in, make you interested and even excited about the game. It's not its job to tell you that there are NPCs in the game and even then it's much more effective to simply show you some NPC interaction rather than tell you about it.

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    Just Wishlisted on Steam, Good luck with this project!!

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    Thank you so much!

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