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Thread: Thief Mods subforum?

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    Thief Mods subforum?

    while Thief mods are not exactly numerous, there are a few of them floating around (and hopefully, their numbers will increase), but they are all hopelessly, hopelessly buried in the General discussion subforum.

    so I'm thinking a subforum where all the mods would be easily accessible would be a good idea ( style, so topics with downloads only, with only the staff allowed to create or move topics there).

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    We made a start in discussing reorganising Thief fora earlier this year but life gets manic and it rather fell by the wayside. I don't know about a subforum, (we'll need to talk about that but I'm in favour of a joint something for Gen and FMs) but we do want to organise technical information, including mods, so that all the information people need for Thief or fan missions is all in one place or directed to one place.

    Realistically, I don't think any Thief moderators will be able to even think about this again before Spring next year. I'll pm you though, voodoo, to see if I can do anything to help in the meantime. Maybe lumping all the tech info into one sticky as a temporary measure might be useful.

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    Sooo, I guess the Ultimate Difficulty Patch for T1/G and T2 would also fit on this list?

    Downloads: - T2 - T1/G

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    I think we're going to try and get this up and running sooner than I mentioned, voodoo, and I'm thinking of bribing Al_B with a bottle of Lagavulin or similar to organise it for us. It seems that every day it becomes more logical and important to do it a.s.a.p.

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    heey, look what got buried and forgotten for almost a year. maybe it's finally time to turn it into some sort of proper sticky somewhere?

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    You're absolutely right. I've 'dropped the ball' as they say on just about everything over the last 3 years. Not for want of love for TTLG or for organising things better but lack of energy mostly.

    I doubt anyone who is up for the reorganisation, which is needed in Fan Missions as well, will be able to give any attention to this until after the TDP 20th Anniversary contest is over so perhaps you could you bump the thread in the middle of December to remind me to get a move on but in the meantime, I will start a staff thread about it so hopefully we don't forget that reorganisation is something we've been meaning to do for at least the last five years!

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    vfig, you forgot to list your own mod!

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    This is very good idea. I am just now doing some file cataloging on my desktop / its a mess oh boy.. it will take forever to organize everything, i dont even want to look into my mp3 catalog but it has to be done /

    My thief catalog is A MESS

    Having everything in one place. I could just check if my files are up to date and delete old ones.

    I have question according to scripts. I want to have most recent version divided into t1 t2 tg and ss2 games
    there are following scripts to my knowledge

    Nameless Voice which are divided into t2 and ss2, script and debug versions
    Telliamed i have 2.1 version of those for t2,
    GayleSaver for t1 and t2 divided also into user and devs.

    Where can i download most recent version of all those scripts ? Preferably separate files.

    Thanks for help in advance.

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