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Thread: Disappearing threads

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    Disappearing threads

    What happened to my forum?

    When I go to Game Editing and Design page, I see 19K threads correctly in Thief Editors' Guild:

    But after entering a sub-forum, it only shows 15 threads:

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    Look near the bottom of the second screenshot in the section "Thread Display Options" where it says "Show threads from the..." and "Last Month". You can change that to see all the threads.

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    Registered: Aug 2009
    Location: Cracow, Poland
    I've just noticed that. Every sub-forum has its own display options setting. For example for Editors' Guild its Last Month and for Fan Missions its Last Year. That is pretty confusing. But thanks Pyrian!

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    You can bookmark the settings (in this case: show threads from the beginning)
    For example TEG

    Fan Missions

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    Or you can go to forum actions --> general settings and set "show all threads" where it says: "Default Thread Age Cut Off:".

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    Unless it saves server resources, this seems like an inappropriate feature for TTLG, which is relatively low-traffic and where threads can have very long lifespans.

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