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Thread: Avoid flinders resting on small ledges

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    Avoid flinders resting on small ledges

    Does anyone know a clever way to avoid flinders resting on small edges like this?
    The red line is the top of the physics of the window and I don't want the flinders from the upper broken out window to rest on it.


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    In the flinderize link data you can set the flinders to scatter beyond the window.

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    Sorry I should specify, I have already found the inpulse number that makes the glass fall right. Any more, with spread checked, yes it can launch it away more. But... some hit the top and fall back down, and for those that don't, look nothing like breaking glass; fast spinning explosion, overdone. So the solution I'm hoping for is likely to be about the flinder object props. I will poke around more, maybe I can make them slippy so they can't be on that ledge.

    I see also that the flinder bounding boxes looks like small little cubes, and I haven't tried to make them smaller yet. I was weary of that because maybe they are like that to be good as being flinders. More hours poking around, here we go.

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    Okay so the best solution I have, which works 95% of the time and I will have to "oh well" the 5%, is using a higher elasticity and sub-models. Now they are basically bouncy barbels in spirit, and it actually make the glass look better and more splashy. Their density is still considerable so they don't look too light. But yeah all and all, ot significantly lowered the chances of the shards being stable/laying on the edge.

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    Maybe you could make invisible small slope above that window physic, which will make them slide off?

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