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Thread: HELP: Installing newer fan missions

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    HELP: Installing newer fan missions

    I need help installing the newer fan missions. I have tried to install Death's Cold Embrace and Godbreaker. Both of them played the start up intro and I selected my difficulty level but when I clicked to start the mission it gave the following error message:

    This mission needs a newer version, current version is 1.22. I downloaded the most up-to-date version and extracted the and newdark1.26 into my Thief folder. But to no avail.

    I still have my original install disks with a 2000 date on them. I'm loathe to wipe everything off as I'm not even sure the disks will load properly.

    All suggestions gratefully received?


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    -Quick Update
    -Don't use Darkloader but FMSel or NewDarkloader
    -Don't install the game in a protected folder
    -Post Thief2.log if there are issues

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    things should work after applying the 1.26 files - are you still getting some sort of error message?

    you could apply TafferPatcher, while slightly out of date and soon to be deprecated, it should still serve the purpose. or alternatively, you could buy the GOG version, it comes with 1.26 already loaded.

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