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Thread: Thief II: The Metal Age 20th Anniversary Contest - Mar 23, 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickie View Post
    Welcome to TTLG and very glad to know you've decided to step in. Whatever else this community is, it's enthusiastic about new mission makers. We're very happy to have you. Best advice? Leave a good amount of time to have your mission tested which you can do at shalebridgecradle. And, yes, we do wish you luck.
    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind

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    Is there anybody, who can help a entire newbie in the matter of FM and is speaking german. perhaps he would be so kind to contact me via pn

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    I've been playing thief 2 for a looooong time, and I have an installation of Thief (GOG)/Taffer Patcher (latest) that works pretty well with the original game and other fan missions, but for some reason, it seems that all the missions on this thread (that I downloaded from the google drive) are missing textures/scripts... (which they are not, i presume)

    Some objects are invisible, some walls are black, NPCs are invisible, I cannot interact with doors, I cannot use my items/weapons...

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you very much, have a nice day.

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    There are no missions to play here. This is an announcement/discussion thread. Guess you mixed it up with this contest
    The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest
    Install Thief Gold+NewDark to play the missions.

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    Oh yeah my bad, I stupidly confused Thief/Thief II, I thought this was the first thread of a T2 FM competition and the other was its results...

    So that's why the missions don't work properly, thank you, I'm just going to install T1 and wait another year for this one's results!

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    I'm assuming that using custom models to replace terrain to save on cells is against the rules (e.g. replace a terrain pyramid roof with the equivalent, same-textured shape as a model)? I started working on something but it got too big and I've hit the cell limit. If not I'll just release it separate to the contest.

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    Nope, you can only use original models modified to change the textures, no custom model files.

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    Yeah figured as much. It's not a mission I can easily split in two either. I reckon I'll just try and stick to the stock-T2 style but not worry about adhering to the rules, and just release it when it's done irrespective of the contest.

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    Thanks, Yandros - you've sucked me back into the abyss of DromEd. The distant completion date gives me the five months I'll need to remember how to make a mission :-)
    - eep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eepcat View Post
    Thanks, Yandros - you've sucked me back into the abyss of DromEd.
    Reasons to get excited, folks!
    Great news eepcat. I will be looking forward to this mission!

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