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Thread: what is your single most irritating pet peeve in a fan mission

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    Quote Originally Posted by baeuchlein View Post
    I was generalizing the description of this pet peeve a bit.
    Since looking at an item almost never does anything, that's not generalizing. Perhaps you meant exaggerating.

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    I don't want to get into a spat here, but "generalize" is the correct word in this context, and "exaggerate" would not make sense in context.

    One can "generalize" by discarding one or more requirements. For example, one can "generalize" the notion of a square by discarding the requirement that all sides be equal, or that all angles be right (yielding rectangles or rhombuses, respectively).

    In this case, baeuchlein discarded one of the listed requirements ("if you look at [the gem] all hell breaks loose"), and in so doing "generalized" the description to encompass a broader set of fan missions. baeuchlein did not exaggerate the description---though it's possible baeuchlein generalized in this way due to an assumption that nuckinfutzcat was exaggerating and didn't literally mean that *looking* at the gem did anything.


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    trefoilknot's assumptions about my thoughts are correct.

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    Non-KO guards in tight patrol patterns and no (non-lethal) means to deal with them. Especially if there's a kill restriction.

    One early FM had a restriction on knocking out women. Imagine. Imposing one's personal psychosis (in this case: rampant gallantry) on my brutish methods makes me want to avoid the thing.

    Every door and chest are locked. Each requires two or three picks to open.

    A bunch of doors, all alike in every way...except one of them needs a key.

    Even worse: ALL of the doors are locked and they each require a different key.

    Opening a chest only to find a hammer. Joke's over, son.

    Hyper-alert AI.


    A short musical phrase on an eternal loop. Yes, it's a very pretty acoustic guitar piece. Too bad it's only four bars long.

    ...I guess just a soundtrack in general is annoying. Morrowind exploration music popping in, for example, is somewhat disconcerting.

    Enormous mansions with tiled, brightly-lit halls and dozens of hyped-up guards. And no flashbombs.

    Forced ghosting without a point.

    Having to go into the obviously haunted basement/crypt without the proper tools. But I don't need a bunch of fire arrows because I am a Master Thief, i.e., an arrogant moron who's gonna spend most of his time whimpering in a dark corner as a veritable conga-line of undead parades through the area.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Sorrow View Post

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