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Thread: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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    After giving the game a break, after about 50 attempts i finally managed to best Lady Butterfly

    This fight was driving me nuts so I spammed Night Jar at her and she went down easy!

    Next time I'll add a video.

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    I just finished Sekiro. The last boss took me around 4 hours across 3 days and... honestly, it's not really that difficult after all. It's just that it takes a bit to learn the game, and learn not to play it like a Souls game.

    Anyway, it's satisfying as all heck and I immediately started new game+. Tenchu 1 was the first game I ever owned myself so playing Sekiro felt very nostalgic, especially with all the nods and homages to that series (some music tracks were even composed by the Tenchu guy). Hope there's a DLC coming.

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    I did some easier mini boss fights and leveled up a bit before trying the Genichiro boss fight again. It took quite a few attempts but I was finally able to beat the crap out of his second phase. The Ichimonji: Double move is quite effective against his first phase BTW.

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