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Thread: Dromed Startpack

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    Dromed Startpack

    I thought it might be helpful to create a basic starting map for Dromed beginners (or anybody really), so authors could jump right in and start creating their missions and not have to worry as much about the tedious setup.

    I got the idea from Fidcal, who created one for The Dark Mod.

    So here it is, version 1.0, 1.1. I'll probably keep adding to it if there's relevant stuff to put in. If anyone has suggestions, let me know and I'll add those too.

    Dromed Startpack 1.1

    I believe it's OK to use this for the current T2 Anniversary Contest. If not, someone let me know.

    FYI - This is not a tutorial or Dromed guide. If you're looking for that, check out Komag's or nicked's tutorials, both excellent:

    Komag's Tutorial
    Absolute Beginner's Guide to Creating a Mission for Thief 2 by nicked

    Here's the readme:

    Thief 2 Startpack 1.1
    by Brethren

    This is a basic starting mission including several common items that are set up and ready to go.


    -After setting up your Dromed environment, extract the contents of the Startpack into your Dromed folder.
    -Start Dromed and open up the file StartingRoom.mis. This is the base room for your mission.
    -Below the Starting Room are a series of "blue rooms" with preconfigured brushes and objects you can clone and bring into your mission.
    -When cloning something that consists of more than one object and/or brush (i.e. a water pool or set of stairs), use the following method:
    --Click on the area brush surrounding the group of brushes. Area brushes are named to identify what is being cloned.
    --Click on the "multibrush me" button. All objects/brushes should turn green.
    --Press insert as you normally would to clone everything and then drag it to where you want it.

    StartingRoom.mis includes:

    -A Starting room with 2 torches.
    -Starting point for player (including VictoryCheck script).
    -Standard scripts loaded (convict, gen, NVscript and tnhscript).
    -Inventory for player, including sword, blackjack, compass, lockpicks, healing potion, flashbomb, flares, and every kind of arrow in the game.
    -Preset New Sky settings, including a skybox, a celestial object, and stars. (Go to Editors -> Mission Variables to change/delete anything).

    Blue Room stuff (for copying and placing in your mission):

    -Two sets of stairs to copy or manipulate.
    -20 different terrain brushes, including 6/8/10/12 sided cylinders and pyramids.
    -Water/slime/lava setups with flow brushes.
    -A room full of commonly used items like loot, keys, switches, and containers.
    -Books with text files already set up. (Text files go into your Thief directory under the /books directory.

    Directory Setup - contains all the files needed to pack up your mission when done. Edit them as necessary. This setup assumes your final mission is called miss20.mis.

    /intrface/miss20/goals.str -> Mission Objectives
    /intrface/page001.pcx -> Blank Map
    /strings/missflags.str -> Here you can manage mission order, and whether you have a briefing, loadout, cutscene, etc
    /strings/titles.str -> Used to specify long and short titles for your mission.

    Changes from version 1.0:

    -Removed prefabbed elevator, combo lock, and patrolling AI because they didn't work properly when cloned.
    -Added and named area brushes in blue rooms for ease of use.
    -Fixed the weather and scripts properties for the default room.
    -Copied everything over to a new mis file so the data in info_window was reset.
    -Gridsnapped everything.
    -Moved terrain brushes so they can be viewed more easily in the Front view.
    -Added "Usage" instructions in the readme.
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    Fantastic! Thank you for this Brethren.

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    Hey this is useful! Thank you!

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    Thanks Brethren! This should be very helpful.

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    What an excellent idea Brethren. This sort of thing would be useful even for veteran authors to cut through the tedious rigmarole of setting up a lot of the essential basics, assuming they don't have a template already.

    On a side note, I would definitely recommend that anyone jumping in to DromEd for the T2 contest actually go through to process of learning to do this sort of setup themselves when they have the chance (Nick Dablin's guide is especially good for the absolute basics), or at least reverse-engineer this startpack. Nothing helps to kickstart your familiarity with DromEd like doing these early steps manually at least once. The tutorials linked in the OP are indispensable, as are the hundreds of posts on this forum!

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    Nice idea
    I've a suggestion: Recently I was fixing a mission which had Welcome Room script on default rooms. Welcome everywhere, big problem, and no fun for me.
    You have TrigRoomCreature script and local weather set on default rooms. You better remove this. A beginner won't realize what's wrong.

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    What a great idea! Thanks Brethren!

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    This is a wonderful idea, and a great gift to the community! Now that you've done it, I can't believe no one's thought of this before. Thanks, Mike!

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    I love it, and I will be using it - thank you!

    Do we know if it will work for the T2 Anniversary contest yet?

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    I'm going to tweak a few things based partially on what I've read here and put out version 1.1 tomorrow, so if anyone else has suggestions, let me know.

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    I'm also a fan of the Bullet Dromed pack, both are really great options

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    Updated to a new version, simplified things a bit and included usage instructions.

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    This is totally awesome

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    Can I also use this startpack in Thief 1/Gold as well besides Thief 2?

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    No, there are many T2 resources. You have to get rid of this. Not recommended for a beginner.

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    Oh ok, so there is no separate startpack for Thief 1/Gold I can download then.

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    If you download the Optional Resource Pack from the first post of the Thief 20th Anniversary Contest thread, it includes a starter template mission for Thief 1.

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    Cool, thanks! This will be very helpful. I'm still new to Dromed because there's just so much I can do and I don't know where to start. Except placing a bunch of random brushes around the grid and just experimenting.

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    Read and follow Komag's and nicked's tutorials, and you'll be well on your way.

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    I'm getting an error message when loading the TDP20AC_template.mis file in Dromed. It says: ERROR: buff len of 80 exceeded by 94 Yes to trap, No to exit, Cancel to ignore. That common error message Dromed gives when something goes wrong. I'm using Dromed version 1.37 Maybe that's whats causing it to crash and can't load the template.

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    Why are you using Old Dark? There's no reason to. Check install directions here for New Dark Dromed for Thief 1.

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    Update: Yes it works now! I'm now using Dromed version 1.26 So I can now use the same version that Thief 2 is using and use it for Thief 1/Gold. No more using 2 different versions of Dromed. It's combined into one version for both games.
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    You still need separate setups for T1 and T2 editing, I think mainly because the resources for the games are different.

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    I have all the necessary files for Dromed to work, they are separately in their own Thief 1/Gold and Thief 2 root main folder directories respectively. Thanks for letting me know though.

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    Yes the resources are mostly different... starting with dark.gam. The two gamesys files reference objects, textures, sounds, etc. that are specific to each game. Some common objects are different though. The torch in T2 is 180° from the corresponding model in T1/G. Most of the metaproperties were added during the making of T1 but T2 has some that aren't in T1 or TG. Of course the models, AI, textures, books, strings, etc. are different as well. IIRC if you load a T1 mission in T2 you still get a swordsman wherever they are placed but the models are different. Many of the T1/G aren't in T2 but Dedx was one way to get them into T2.

    One thing I noticed while playing the 20th Anniversary Contest missions for TG I could still do the run/jump and accelerate beyond normal running speeds, but it seemed rather limited compared to performing that run/jump in the old TG.

    The AI motions selected are different as well. The archer's walking motion and the guards' reaction to being hit are different are two that come to mind.

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