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Thread: T2Fix: An Unofficial Comprehensive Patch for Thief 2

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    Registered: Mar 2015

    T2Fix: An Unofficial Comprehensive Patch for Thief 2

    T2Fix is a complete and self-contained patcher and installation utility for Thief II: The Metal Age. Currently, all official patches and several fan-made patches and mods are incorporated, making installing and managing the game as simple as possible. It includes NewDark, the latest fan-developed update to the Dark Engine, providing substantially better support for modern operating systems and video hardware, along with fixed original missions, providing the most pleasant and smooth experience that Thief 2 has to offer.

    T2Fix 1.27e (with mods)
    T2Fix 1.27e (without mods)

    T2Fix Lite - Intended for those with limited storage or poor bandwidth. This distribution will simply install NewDark with no further options presented. It is, however, still highly recommended to use the full version if at all possible.

    Before Installing:

    Ensure the game is not running prior to using T2Fix. It will be necessary to restart the current mission, as saves will be incompatible.

    Ensure both the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable and the DirectX End-User Runtimes are installed prior to running setup. Most systems should already have these installed, but in the case that they are not, they are available below.

    -Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable

    -DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

    Do not have Thief 2 located in a protected folder such as Program Files and do not set any compatibility modes on the main executable. Doing either will result in a variety of strange things happening, such as an inability to save or load the required resources. T2Fix will issue a warning if this is attempted, though will not ultimately prevent it.

    The officially supported game languages are English, German, and French. While other localizations will likely work without issue, they are not explicitly supported.

    System Requirements:

    Windows 2000 or newer must be installed for NewDark and T2Fix, by extension, to function.

    NewDark requires a Direct3D9-capable graphics card to fully utilize its capabilities. Most graphics chipsets made in the last decade should suffice, but if for some reason you are using a graphics card without these capabilities, running the game with the "-use_d3d_display" command-line argument will start the game with the legacy renderer.

    Included Components:

    -NewDark 1.27 (Required)
    -DromEd 1.27
    -DromEd Basic Toolkit 1.14
    -Common Script Modules (NVScript, Public Scripts, tnhScript)*
    -Dark Engine Mod Manager*
    -AM16's Thief2 Fixed 1.3b*
    -Carry Body Mod*
    -Interactive Candles*
    -T2 Skies*
    -T2 Water*
    -Thief Enhancement Pack*
    -Thief 2 Sound Effects Enhancement Pack*
    -Thief 2 English Subtitles*
    -T2FMDML Release 4*
    -Thief 2 Multiplayer Beta
    -Thief 2 Legacy Executables

    All components except for NewDark are optional.
    *The marked components are only included with the T2Fix distribution that packages mods.

    Selecting Components:

    After selecting the installation directory, T2Fix will prompt the user to select any additional components to install. No additional components are selected by default. To see a brief description of an available component, use your mouse to hover over its entry in the checklist. Select the button reading "Restore Previous Setup" to automatically select all components already installed and deselect all components not already installed.

    Tuning Video Settings:

    Setup will automatically detect your monitor's resolution and set Thief 2's default resolution accordingly.

    Basic settings such as Sky Detail, Fogging, and resolution can be changed in the game's settings menu.

    There are three graphics presets selectable on the "Additional Tasks" page of T2Fix:
    -High: Anti-aliasing, HDR Rendering, Bloom, and software gamma are enabled. Select this if you have a reasonably powerful dedicated graphics card.
    -Medium: Anti-aliasing is enabled. Select this if you have a dedicated graphics card.
    -Low: No special features are enabled by default, but it yields the best performance. Select this if you have a very weak system or integrated graphics. This is the default option.
    All of these options can be enabled or disabled individually under the "Video Settings" section of the Advanced Configuration Options page.

    All advanced graphics settings can be viewed and changed at any time by opening "cam_ext.cfg" in the installation folder with any text editor.

    To change DromEd's display resolution, edit "DromEd.cfg" in the Thief 2 installation directory and uncomment the desired resolution while placing a semicolon in front of the resolution that was selected prior to your change.

    Advanced Configuration Options:

    On the "Additional Tasks" wizard page, there should be a button labeled "Configuration Options" near the bottom left of the form. Here you can enable or disable several more specialized options

    Video Options:
    -Enable software gamma: Enable software-based gamma and color processing (d3d_disp_sw_cc).
    -Force windowed mode: Force the game to run in a window as opposed to fullscreen (force_windowed).
    -Force vsync: Enable display refresh synchronization in-game and in menus (vsync_mode 3).
    -Enable multisampling: Enable mutisample anti-aliasing, set by default to 8 samples (multisampletype 8).
    -Enable postprocessing: Enable postprocessing/bloom (postprocess 1).
    -Enable HDR rendering: Enable 16-bit floating-point render buffer (d3d_disp_enable_hdr).
    -Enable new mantle: Enable new mantling code (new_mantle).
    Game Options:
    -Disable training scripts: Disable the red training messages present on lower difficulties in the first few missions.
    -Enable legacy gamesys exploits: Emulate behavior of the old Thief 2 game system, notably the ability to blow open metal doors with fire arrows.
    -Always install 1.18 resources: Always install the resources included with the 1.18 patch regardless of if they are determined to be necessary.
    -Enable DromEd hardware rendering: Enable hardware rendering support for DromEd.
    -Enable improved arm meshes: Use the improved arm meshes included with Thief2 Fixed, which features a slimmer blackjack.

    Installing Thief 2:

    The game installation function is only compatible with the original, first-party CD releases of Thief 2. If you own another version such as the one distributed by Mastertronic, install the game using its own installation utility prior to running T2Fix.

    1) On the installation directory page, select the folder in which you intend to install the game and check the box that reads "Install Thief 2 in the above directory from original install media".
    2) Click "Next" and choose the location of your first Thief 2 CD or the location of its copy on your local drive. If the disc is not inserted, ensure it is in your drive before selecting its location.
    3) Continue with the installation as normal.
    4) If you are using the two-CD version, setup will prompt you to select the second CD during installation. Insert the second CD, removing the first one if necessary, and click "OK". Failure to select at this stage in setup will result in installation aborting.

    Installing Additional Mods:

    Using the included Dark Mod Manager is the easiest way to install and manage mods; however, you may also install mods manually by adding their locations to your mod path, which can be found in cam_mod.ini.

    To install the Thief 2 HD Texture Mod, run the HD mod setup after T2Fix. After it has been installed, ensure the current mission has been restarted through the system menu.

    NecroAge, EP2, and the HD Mod should not be used in tandem; each is intended to be used alone and problems can result from their combination.

    Uninstalling and Re-Installing Components:

    To reinstall a component, simply run T2Fix again with the same components selected. Each selected component will be installed over the existing component.
    To uninstall a component, run T2Fix with any previously-installed component unselected. T2Fix will uninstall any component that is both installed and unselected on the components page.

    Playing Fan Missions:

    Recommended fan mission loaders include the following:
    -FMSel: a simple and lightweight FM loader that is included with NewDark.
    -AngelLoader: a fast, fully-featured, standalone FM loader that is compatible with all three Thief games.
    -NewDarkLoader: an FM loader that aims to include the utility of FMSel while also offering a friendlier interface.

    To start FMSel, either use the shortcut provided or launch Thief 2 with the "-fm" command-line argument. Removing the semicolon preceding "fm" in cam_mod.ini will cause FMSel to always start.

    It is not recommended to use Darkloader, as it is rather outdated and is known to cause issues with NewDark on occasion.

    Some older fan missions may not have been designed with NewDark's new mantle in mind, allowing the player to climb objects they were not intended to. If such behavior is observed, place this file in the fan mission's installation directory to experience more faithful mantling behavior.

    Participation and Reporting Issues:

    To view the setup script, access in-development versions, or contribute, please see the GitHub repository.

    To report issues, filing an issue on GitHub or leaving a post here should be effective. All discussion, help, and suggestions should be kept here to receive satisfactory responses and to avoid cluttering other areas.
    If you are experiencing an issue that requires investigation, a screenshot and a save would be most helpful in diagnosing and fixing the problem, along with a proper description.
    Issues pertaining to any of the included components are welcome here.

    -Added the Dark Mod Manager component
    -Updated T2FMDML to Release 4
    -The DromEd Basic Toolkit is now separately selectable from DromEd proper
    -Scripts are now an optional component
    -Updated NVScript to the latest beta
    -Included more minor mission fixes
        -Filled in an air pocket under a bed of lava in Kidnap
        -Fixed a missing room brush in Life of the Party
    -Setup no longer requires elevated privileges for normal operation
    -Added an option to preserve existing video configuration
    -Changes to the Wizard Form:
        -Added 'Restore Previous Setup' button on the component selection page
    -Additional minor changes
    -Updated T2FMDML to Release 3
    -Mission fixes
       -Addressed a missing texture in Kidnap
       -Reaching the streets in Life of the Party will more consistently fail the mission
    -Fixed a couple of objects with textures that failed to animate
    -OpenAL Soft is no longer the default OpenAL device
    -Updated NVScript to the latest beta
    -Fixed a problem in T2Fix.osm that could cause issues in some missions
    -Changes to the Wizard Form
       -Added an 'Always install 1.18 Resources' button to the advanced options
    -Additional minor changes
    -FMSel will now generate mission flags if required upon installing a mission
    	-Can be enabled or disabled under "Install Options" in the FMSel UI
    -Implemented a more thorough resource check
    -Included a few minor mission fixes
       -Fixed an issue with a door in Shipping
       -Fixed an issue with an alarm relay in Soulforge
    -EP is no longer selected by default on the 'Standard' installation type
    -Updated NVScript to 1.27
    -Updated OpenAL Soft to 1.20.1
    -All fixed first-party scripts are now contained within T2Fix.osm
    -Changes to the Wizard Form:
    	-'Advanced' button now scales properly on high-DPI displays
    -Additional minor changes
    -Updated Thief2 Fixed to 1.3b
    -Updated T2FMDML to Release 2
    -Separated Thief 2 Multiplayer script modules to avoid compatibility issues
    -Subtitles are now configured in cam_ext.cfg rather than user.cfg
    -Fixed EP's elevbut.bin
    -Fixed scripts
        -LoadUp and Tally
        -VersionCheck (Public Scripts)
    -tnhScript is now loaded by default
    -Significantly reduced size of the setup executable
    -Changes to the Wizard Form:
    	-Added 'Advanced Options' page that accessible from the Components selection page
    -Various minor changes
    -Added T2FMDML component
    -The different zombie types will now explode into their corresponding body parts
    -Mantling changes are now implemented with the removable dark.gam.dml located in the OSM directory
    -Changes to the Wizard Form:
        -Improved behavior of the components selection page
        -Modified layout of the components selection page
    -Updated all core files to NewDark 1.27
    -Added Thief 2 Multiplayer component as it was included with NewDark 1.27
    -The fixed schemas are now only installed if DromEd is selected
    -Fixed a texture in "Running Interference"
    -EP now accounts for books\parch2
    -Removed the cave texture family fix introduced in version 1.26b because it is no longer necessary
    -Modified the high video preset for consistency with the other presets
    -Setup will now issue a warning if the installation directory and install media location are the same
    -The default component description text is now colored gray
    -Other minor changes
    -Properly configured t2skies for "Masks"
    -Tweaked loading behavior of the included scripts
    -Added missing family palette to the cave texture family
    -Modified DARK.CFG to increase the default object limit
    -Several minor mission fixes
    -Fixed an issue that caused the Legacy Executables to crash intermittently during gameplay
    -Setup will now warn the user if the "Program Files" directory is selected (This warning can be ignored if desired)
    -Reduced the physical size of the setup executable
    -Changes to the Wizard Form:
        -The Wizard window is now larger by default
        -The Wizard window can now be resized
        -Colors have been tweaked to be more appealing
    -Various under-the-hood improvements
    -Updated libmp3lame to version 3.100
    -script-t2.osm is now autoloaded again
    -script.osm is now present in the OSM directory
    -The FMs folder is now created while patching
    -Mission Fixes
        -Fixed instances of incorrect scaling in "Running Interference" and "Shipping ... and Receiving"
        -Fixed several floating objects in "Casing the Joint" and "Masks"
    -Initial Release

    All credit, of course, goes to the creators of the included components, without which this would not exist. I will gladly oblige any requests made by the component authors.
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    Awesome work! I really appreciate these patchers, they make things so much nicer and easier even for a DIY tech nerd such as myself. Thank you!

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    I've reinstalled both the game and DromEd with the new patch and noticed that Thief 1 textures no longer have the texture palette applied to them. Here in Disorientation, you can clearly see how much more saturated the object roof is against the brush roof even though the latter should also be bright red.

    After a short investigation, I found out that in cam_ext.cfg, "disable_32bit_fampal" is uncommented. I'd recommend leaving it commented by default. With it, the colors are back to normal.
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    *checks stuff* yeah, this looks like something that should only be uncommented if things don't work properly. careful with variables that aren't part of the default cam_ext - it's for a reason, probably.

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    Darn, it only that had been caught earlier. It was indended to remedy several issues players experienced with fan missions. For example, when playing Breathing Corpses, I get many textures that look like this:

    Whereas with the configuration variable, they presumably look as they are supposed to:

    Since it does indeed cause an issue when enabled, it should probably be commented out by default, though still included in the case that a user needs to enable it. Should a fan mission require it, such settings can be set per-mission.

    There is another special configuration variable enabled by default:
    ; reduce the safety distance margin between the player camera and portals during rendering
    ; (by enabling this option, a smaller safety margin is used and the visible jitter caused by the default margin 
    ; is reduced or often eliminated)
    However, this should be safe to enable by default as it improves the smoothness of the game without any noticeable consequences.

    EDIT: This change has been reflected in T2Fix, which now has the family palette enabled by default. Since this is a very minor change and the previous version was available for less than twelve hours, I saw no reason to bump the version.

    Quote Originally Posted by FenPhoenix View Post
    Awesome work! I really appreciate these patchers, they make things so much nicer and easier even for a DIY tech nerd such as myself. Thank you!
    Thank you! Though the work I did compared to the work the authors of these fixes is miniscule, it will be nice to have an up-to-date patcher available for everyone in the future.
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    If the user does have T2 installed in Program Files, why not offer to move it for them?

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    I have my Thief2 as a portable game and had to reinstall the GOG version for this patch (unlike TFix and Tafferpatcher).
    I installed the candles mod. Deleting or renaming its folder should suffice to disable it or is there anything hardcoded in the original missions after selecting the mod to be installed?
    In Running Interference you can mantle and jump over the gate at the start of the mission. Is that normal?
    I have this sky folder which is much shorter than the one in the package. Gecko┤s perhaps?

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    - I've tested GOG, steam and Platinum DVD (the 1.07/1.18 hybrid), all were patched up properly.
    - renaming the CANDLES folder will disable the mod, however you need to restart the current level to unload everything completely.
    - yeah, the patcher currently doesn't make any objects unmantleable, so you will be able to mantle to places where you couldn't go in oldDark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    If the user does have T2 installed in Program Files, why not offer to move it for them?
    I suppose that would be a welcome feature. I will look into implementing this in a future version.

    Quote Originally Posted by bassoferrol View Post
    I have my Thief2 as a portable game and had to reinstall the GOG version for this patch (unlike TFix and Tafferpatcher).
    I installed the candles mod. Deleting or renaming its folder should suffice to disable it or is there anything hardcoded in the original missions after selecting the mod to be installed?
    In Running Interference you can mantle and jump over the gate at the start of the mission. Is that normal?
    I have this sky folder which is much shorter than the one in the package. Gecko┤s perhaps?
    T2Fix checks for the following files to ensure everything will work properly: Thief2.exe, DARK.GAM, gen.osm, the mission files, movies in .\MOVIES, and resource CRFs in .\RES. If T2Fix did not recognize your installation, it was because one of these was not present. Tafferpatcher does not implement such checks, which is likely why you noticed this. I suppose these checks could be removed, but their purpose is simply to ensure everything is in order prior to patching up. Additionally, all of these files are vital to the proper functionality of Thief 2, so their absence or dislocation has a high likelihood of causing issues.

    T2Fix can both install and uninstall all optional components, but yes, deleting or renaming any of the mod folders will effectively prevent them from loading. The only changes to the missions are installed with the fixed missions pack, which is optional and not dependent on the candles mod.

    Yes, with new mantle, it is possible to mantle over that gate in the first mission. This was discussed in-depth prior to release and it was decided that it would be left alone, at least for now.

    As for the skies, currently implemented is jermi's t2skies as it was released. It does indeed look like what is in that archive is the version included in the HD Mod. Feel free to use it, but the version included in T2Fix will likely remain the same.
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    Awesome, thank you so much and the modders who have contributed

    This should definitely be a sticky thread.

    Edit: Is the English subtitles patch included?
    Last edited by Arcatera; 24th Mar 2019 at 16:29.

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    TFix actually does check for all the crf files (and will complain if some are found to be missing).

    and yeah, T2 skies should be fine using the original Jermi's resources/copy pasting the pack from TafferPatcher. if it ain't broke..

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    TFix actually does check for all the crf files (and will complain if some are found to be missing).
    Ah, I was unaware of that. I have updated my previous post accordingly. Generally, I think such checks serve only to benefit user experience while using a tool such as this. In the relatively rare case that an installation is not recognized, all can be fixed by a simple reinstall if all else fails.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcatera View Post
    Edit: Is the English subtitles patch included?
    Yes, it is. For some reason, I neglected to mention it in the first post. It is now corrected.

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    What┤s schema folder for?
    I see it in the main folder.
    What if I remove it from the game?

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    The schema folder is for those using DromEd. Fixed schemas are included with the fixed resources and the original schemas are included with DromEd.
    If you do not intend to use the mission editor, removing the schema folder will have no adverse effects on your gameplay experience.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Thread stickied and Tafferpatcher thread unstickied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    Thread stickied and Tafferpatcher thread unstickied.

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    as people will still be landing in the TP topic for quite a while because of old links, it'd perhaps be prudent to add a big red note to the top of the first TP post letting everyone know that it's no longer maintained and one should go get T2Fix.

    also, dropped a note at the GOG, steam and rpgcodex forums.
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    I have just installed T2Fix and noticed there is no EnableLAA.exe in my new T2 folder, along with a number of other files such as EditMode.cmd, EditModeAtPlr.cmd. I'm not sure what a lot of these files do but EnableLAA.exe is really useful, if not essential for some of the bigger missions that come out today if you want to open them in Dromed.

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    Dˇttirin klŠ­ist oft mˇ­ur m÷ttli
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    LAA prepatched versions of ND 1.26 DromEd/Thief2.exe can be downloaded here
    I also recommend to include it in T2fix (maybe as an option)

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Is there any reason not to just include the LAA patched version and not the unpatched?

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    Dˇttirin klŠ­ist oft mˇ­ur m÷ttli
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    This is the LAA patched version, not just enableLAA.

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    are the LAA patched executables compatible with 32bit systems? if they aren't, they shouldn't be the default.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Good point voodoo, they may not be. Does anyone have a 32bit system to check it on?

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    Dˇttirin klŠ­ist oft mˇ­ur m÷ttli
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    well yes, but they are not talking about ND, are they. will check 32bit win7 tomorrow unless someone else tries in the meantime.

    anyway, one more small thing that may be of use - I've put together a small T2 ND package awhile ago (naming it T2Fix, funnily enough) for a steam user that couldn't use TP for some reason (either dial-up or antivirus). it's been designed to hammer the steam build (the trainwreck it is) into a workable state (ND, alpha fixes, cam_ext tweaks, proper 1.18 patch files) - feel free to link/not link it with/without changes in the first post for whoever is unable to get/use the full package for whatever reason.

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