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Thread: T2Fix: An Unofficial Comprehensive Patch for Thief 2

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    I am happy to answer your questions. Provided you have already installed the Visual C++ Redistributable, the DirectX Runtimes, and have a copy of the game, there are no additional prerequisites. T2Fix includes the 1.18 patch and applies it if a 1.07 install is detected, so there is no need to do so beforehand. Additionally, NewDark includes the required video codecs and the new playback library should allow all cutscenes from the original missions and most, if not all, fan missions alike to function out-of-the-box.

    Yes, you understand correctly; you can run T2Fix again and choose a new video preset at any time on an existing install. There is no need to uninstall everything prior to doing this. All NewDark-specific options are configured in cam_ext.cfg. Some more essential settings are set by T2Fix according to the video preset chosen during each run. Re-running T2Fix will allow you to configure these settings without opening the file yourself. However, you can do this manually by modifying the configuration variables in the aforementioned file. All lines preceded by a semicolon are ignored while all others are parsed. Placing a semicolon in front of an existing variable will effectively disable it and removing an existing semicolon will allow the game to parse whatever variable follows it. Lastly, T2Fix does enable new mantle by default, though you can toggle this off in the advanced options page of setup if you wish. This is, like other NewDark-specific options, configured in cam_ext.cfg, specifically near the end of the file under the "game specific" section header.

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    Much obliged for the detailled answers, Jax!

    EDIT: Works like a charm
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    Ok, downloaded and installed it, and have two questions:
    1. What does "Mantle Corrections" mean?
    2. Why did you remove the 2nd key in "Running Interference" next to the door? While I appreciate sensible improvements of the game I donīt like it when original missions are altered(except for missing loot) just because someone presumes it should be so.

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    The mantling corrections optionally disable mantling, or jumping, on certain objects that NewDark's new mantle allows while the original mantling system does not. Leaving this option unchecked will allow the player to mantle on some objects that the designers of the original missions did not intend. For example, without it enabled it is possible to mantle over the front gates in Running Interference and several fences in subsequent missions, all of which were not possible with the original mantling system. In short, this option is provided as a means to restore more faithful mantling behavior in the original missions. Do note that it does not affect fan missions.

    As for your second question, that key was not removed. Its position depends on the chosen difficulty. It sits on the table in the first room on Normal and can be found near the door on Hard and Expert. The original release does differ in that two keys appear in Normal, one on the table and another by the door. This was likely determined to be a bug by the author of the fixed missions package included in T2Fix.

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    Hi, I'm new here. I've finally got around to playing the Thief series, completed Thief Gold (using TFix) and I'm ready for Thief 2!

    I've downloaded both the full and lite versions of T2Fix from this thread, and my anti-virus software (Avast) detects them both. For the full version it reports "Win32:MdeClass" and for the lite version it reports "FileRepMalware".

    I've sent the full version file for analysis within the Avast client, but nothing has happened yet as a result of that.

    I did check with VirusTotal. Only 5/66 engines detect the file:
    AegisLab (Riskware.Win32.Generic.1!c), Avast (Win32:MdeClass), AVG (Win32:MdeClass), Jiangmin (Trojan.Pincav.aml) and Trapmine (

    I'm inclined to believe it's safe, but I can't bring myself to run a file that my anti-virus is telling me is infected! Is there anything that can be done by anyone here to help get it "white-listed"?

    Also I wanted to ask, I have found downloads for T2Fix_1.27a and T2Fix_1.27, neither of which are detected by Avast, but which are both much larger files than T2Fix_1.27b. Is there any problem with running one of those files instead, or was the b version issued for a critical reason and the other 2 should be avoided?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Provided you retrieved the file from either here or over at ModDB, they are almost certainly false positives, though perhaps I should include a checksum for verification. This said, I can certainly understand your wariness as a result of the warnings and I appreciate your report. As far as I am aware, most AV engines use machine learning for detection and are, thus, prone to error, particularly with files that are uncommon and do not undergo actual analysis. You and anyone else can help to mitigate this to some extent by submitting the files for review. It is always recommended to use the latest version, but you are free to use older versions of T2Fix if you wish; a changelog is included in the first post if you want to know what you would be missing. I could also provide a new build of T2Fix if you are interested. The current in-development build does not appear to have any hits from Avast or other popular AVs; however, detection does seem to be fairly fluid, at times changing even after simply rebuilding the executable.

    T2Fix runs on a slightly modified fork of Inno Setup, mostly for compatibility with older operating systems. However, I have observed that this seems to happen fairly frequently with executables compiled with Inno Setup. For comparison, I recently compiled one of Inno Setup's pre-packaged example setup scripts without any modification. After uploading the compiled setup executable to VirusTotal, it returned eleven total hits on the first scan, including some from popular AVs. Obviously, this is fairly ridiculous for an example script that merely copies three safe files to the chosen directory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    guy over at steam forums says T2Fix with overhauled resources makes the final T2 mission uncompletable
    I have the same problem - Stage 1 that doesn't become Stage 2 at the Rolling Machine in 'Sabotage at Soulforge', but the fix on the Steam page doesn't work for me.

    I have initially installed Thief 2 + Tafferpatcher + the HD mod (I have followed bentraxx instructions on moddb....)

    Yesterday I did a fresh install + T2Fix with no 'resources', then I did new game, skipped to last level using the ctrl/shift/alt/end cheat, but Stage 1 still won't move to Stage 2...
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    so, fresh T2Fix install, no fixed resources, no hdmod, no multiplayer, and still unable to finish the last mission? post a save and thief2.log if possible.

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    Thanks for the reply Jax64. Just to update you, it seems that as of today (after submitting the file for analysis last week) my Avast is no longer detecting the file. Thief 2 here I come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    so, fresh T2Fix install, no fixed resources, no hdmod, no multiplayer, and still unable to finish the last mission? post a save and thief2.log if possible.
    thanks, will do asap.
    I should start a new game directly? or may I try launch a savegame and then 'restart' the mission?
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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    so, fresh T2Fix install, no fixed resources, no hdmod, no multiplayer, and still unable to finish the last mission? post a save and thief2.log if possible.
    I missed the instructions on the table near the Rolling Machine. The Guiding Beacon sheet does not mention to add the plate
    My bad
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    Thanks for making this ! I used the lite version and was satisfied with it.(Since I wanted to play Thief 2 the way it was meant to be)

    I have discovered a game breaking bug in the final mission of Thief 2.From what I've searched it's a vanilla version bug.(Found some old threads about it)

    What is this bug ?

    On my way to get to one of the Antennas, I had to climb a ladder.It was in the basement section with a swimming area.
    When I climbed the ladder, a grate came out of the wall and imprisoned me in that area.

    I discussed it in this thread and I have even uploaded my corrupted save file there.(Fortunately someone here managed to fix it by removing that grate somehow)

    Is there any way to fix this Vanilla issue in your next versions of T2Fix ?

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    It appears that you were caught just as you were entering the passage leading to the signal tower, which will cause that portcullis to close along with triggering a variety of other events. The sources of this trigger are the two nearby watchers and a button located near the inclined metal platform in the same room. The watchers will eventually return to their normal states, thus reopening the portcullis; however, the button does not behave this way. Consequently, if a masked guard sees you and presses this button as you are climbing the ladder, the portcullis will never open again, effectively softlocking the mission.

    This having been said, this can very easily be fixed and incorporated in T2Fix if deemed adequate. For the time being, you can download and place this file in your Thief 2 installation directory to fix the problem immediately, though it will require a mission restart.

    On an unrelated note, after reading through the discussion here, I managed to put together a patch for FMSel that should implement similar functionality. As such, this patch should allow FMs without the mission flags included to work out-of-the-box with FMSel as they do with other loaders, though it has not been tested exhaustively. Those who are interested can get the current patched build here. Would this be something anyone would like to see included in T2Fix?

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    Though not an FMSel user myself, I think it would be a great community service to include this in T2Fix. Going by my own surprise at having this problem reported to me, I would assume Le Corbeau didn't intend to break any missions on purpose and leaving the missflag fix out was probably an oversight.

    Regardless, I'd say the fix is in the same spirit as T2FMDML - ie. making missions playable that weren't before.

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    I appreciate the response. Considering the patch only improves compatibility, I think the case could be made that including it is a sound idea. Additionally, I have been able to more thoroughly test the patched build and can confirm it functions properly under normal circumstances. It is quite likely that this feature's absence in the official build is the result of a lack of consideration of this problem, especially taking into account the fact that every FM really should include proper mission flags.

    With this in mind, T2Fix 1.27c is now available in the first post.

    T2Fix 1.27c
    -FMSel will now generate mission flags if required upon installing a mission
    	-Can be enabled or disabled under "Install Options" in the FMSel UI
    -Implemented a more thorough resource check
    -Included a few minor mission fixes
    	-Fixed an issue with a door in Shipping
    	-Fixed an issue with an alarm relay in Soulforge
    -EP is no longer selected by default on the 'Standard' installation type
    -Updated NVScript to 1.27
    -Updated OpenAL Soft to 1.20.1
    -All fixed first-party scripts are now contained within T2Fix.osm
    -Changes to the Wizard Form:
    	-'Advanced' button now scales properly on high-DPI displays
    -Additional minor changes

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    ThiefMP Server Options?

    I noticed the ThiefMP built into NewDark is missing the server options that were found when using Thief 2 1.18. Were they not incorporated into the build? I don't see a config file.

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    The original multiplayer patch for 1.18 and NewDark's multiplayer component are entirely separate projects by, in all likelihood, different individuals. Most of the options you see in the old multiplayer patch cannot be configured in the NewDark build. This having been said, this may change in subsequent NewDark releases, which will likely bring along numerous improvements to multiplayer. There is, however, a configuration file for more basic options in the form of dark_net.cfg where you can customize various defaults, nametags, map behavior, and connect to a global server.

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    Yeah, Jax is right. A forum member by the name of Tos (who is not active anymore I don't think) created the multiplayer patch for Thief version 1.18. He stopped developing it a while ago, then NewDark came around with a multiplayer patch but as Jax said, done by a completely different group.

    That said, I do hope the NewDark team continues to work on multiplayer.

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    HD mod and Multiplayer

    Hey all - has anyone got the HD Mod to play nice with the Thief2 Multiplayer version?

    As an aside I'm having an absoloute blast with it!

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    Look into this topic please

    I found a way to fix WATPUMP object animation and also found broken animation in ELTRANSF object with a way of fixing via mtl file.
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    I'll just add that fixing the resources would be preferable to just mtl duct taping them.

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