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Thread: Thief II: The Metal Age 20th Anniversary Contest - Screenshots and Teasers

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    HavvicGames, those scenarios look very dynamic and impressive, i would prefer a sky with stars for the second mission thought.

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    13 hours in a 2 day period. Mainly done as procrastination from revising for exams

    I'm going to be honest, I actually have no idea how to do sky stuff. I'm still a complete noob with dromed when it comes to the technical bits. This is just using whatever was set-up with the starter pack right now

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    Fantastic lighting work

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    One of the great Bs?
    Just a teaser of TLT to get you taffers through the long weekend. Very early screenshot. Exterior architecture mostly done. Interior barely started. Then the hard part. Why did I come back, anyway?

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    I'm a motivational coach I didn't even know this.

    Glad you're creating a mission

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    I like the dark moodiness of Balboa's landscape!

    I just went back and looked at all the other screenies. Some amazing beginnings here for the short time. Hope I'll finally be done playing the previous contest missions by the time these ones are out.
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    i just hope on some of those wall vines we get some healing fruit,great pic balboa

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    please don't start^

    Looks nice balboa, keep up the hard work

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