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Thread: Bejeweled 3 Badges Gone

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    Bejeweled 3 Badges Gone

    I was playing the game and my dog pressed her way between my seat and the tower for attention. Her butt pushed the power button so that the game wasn't closed properly and Windows wasn't shut down correctly. It's Windows 7 Home Premium.

    When I restarted the computer and tried to play Bejeweled, it was like the first time ever playing it. No player names even set up, high scores gone, badges gone, etc.

    Not the Steam version, installed from disc.

    Anyone know of a possible way to get the saved game back, etc.?

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    You need to search for the savegames first. Since the windows search is bad, I recommend Agent Ransack. It's free.
    Keyword for file name search: "Bejewelered". It's likely that the savegame folder somewhere in C:\Users or in the install folder.

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