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Thread: Thief Gold - TFix 1.26a Zombies Bug

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    Thief Gold - TFix 1.26a Zombies Bug


    I installed Thief: Gold from Steam. I then installed TFix 1.26a and I found a bug with the zombies in the Bonehoard level (level 3). In the Bonehoard level, if you go to the second zombie which is down the first ropes you see. I then was able to kill this zombie with my sword, and he never became resurrected... If you do the exact same thing, but this time without TFix, then the zombie will be resurrected every time!

    So, this is a glitch that is caused by TFix 1.26a. I am first reporting this issue, and I was also lastly wondering if there is any other way to fix the bug (besides just ignoring the problem)?

    Erik W.

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    zombies are generally glitchy, no matter what you do. make sure you have restarted the current mission after patching up, and then see whether you can replicate the issue.

    generally, the more you whack the zombie, and the more you save and load while doing it, the glitchier things will get. this shouldn't be exclusive to NewDark (that's what TFix is using).

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    I was able to replicate the issue. When you have the Steam Thief: Gold and TFix 1.26a, the issue still occurs with the zombie after restarting the mission. If you reinstall Thief: Gold and do not install TFix, the issue goes away...

    Is there anyway to install the old legacy engine instead of the New Dark engine?
    The Steam Thief: Gold would not play the cut-scenes by default, so I really only needed TFix to allow the cut-scenes to be playable...


    I fixed the cut-scene problem with just running Thief.exe as Administrator lol!
    Is there a reason why this would fix the problem? Just curious...

    Erik W.
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    aha - there is a rogue prop causing a handful of zombies to glitch out, and the second one is being affected. you can fix it quickly by editing miss4.mis.dml (notepad) and changing its contents into this:

    //tiara needs to be repositioned
    ObjProp 783 "Position"
    	"Location" -0.12, -104.56, 70.95
    	"Heading" 1c00
    //fix some zombies not resurrecting properly because of conflicting props
    -ObjProp 812 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 812 "M-NeverEfficient"
    -ObjProp 406 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 406 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    -ObjProp 420 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 420 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    -ObjProp 421 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 421 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    -ObjProp 422 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 422 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    -ObjProp 423 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 423 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    -ObjProp 426 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 426 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    -ObjProp 428 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 428 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    -ObjProp 429 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 429 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    -ObjProp 430 "AI_Efficiency"
    +MetaProp 430 "M-TallEfficiencyZones"
    and restarting the level one last time. the fix will be included in TFix 1.26b (will probably put it together quickly once the FM fixup dml package is ready).
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    The gamesys.dml is trying to fix M-ZombiePossum which is okay, I think. But it will also break the zombie behaviour. Unstripped miss4 has Efficiency settings on concrete objects (zombies), which is overriding the metaproperty. Tfix is using unstripped missions. In order to fix this, the concrete properties have to go. Your new miss4 dml is doing this.

    However, the original stripped mission 4 doesn't have Efficiency settings on concrete zombie objects - they are advanced missions. I wonder if there are more issues in the unstripped missions.

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    the M-ZombiePossum fix comes directly from the Raven if memory serves, so I'm definitely not touching that (and it only disables head tracking, should be very safe). yeah, bugs and issues definitely are still scattered around, some are origs, some aren't, all we can do is wait for people to find them, and then fix them.

    seems like having Efficiency set on a zombie concrete is a no-no, and will treat it as such from now on (modders, fm authors and fm fixup dml creators should too).

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    Cool Thanks

    Thank you very much!
    I am happy to report bugs to make TFix better!

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    *tips hat*

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