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Thread: Upcoming Chat With Randy Smith

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    Upcoming Chat With Randy Smith

    Hey guys. A few months ago, I contacted Randy Smith (developer on all three Thief games) to see if he'd be interested in coming on a stream and chatting about Thief 1. I was inspired by another similar interview, but the focus was mostly on the conditions of the game's development, and they didn't talk much about the game itself. So I'd like to talk more about the game itself, the mechanics, level design, etc. Especially of the levels he worked on, which are (according to my research), Keeper's Training, The Haunted Cathedral, Return to the Haunted Cathedral, and Escape.

    I've already got some notes on stuff I want to talk about, but I'd appreciate any suggestions as well. What would you like answered?

    The stream will be here. The tentative date and time is April 24th, at 8PM CST. These could be subject to change, but that's what we're working with at the moment.

    The interview that inspired this is here, with a second part here.

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    I'll definitely tune in. Any reason you're limiting it to just Thief 1? We're kind of in between the anniversaries of the first two games, so might be interesting to talk about both and compare.

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    Very cool.

    ...and what Brethren said.

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    I assume its to keep the discussion more focused, though I do agree the timing would be more beneficial to try and fit in some thief 2 stuff (and even dropping the info about the anni contest).

    Obvious super fantasy that will never ever happen but it would be funny if you tried to get him to participate in the contest

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    The simple answer is that I've only played Thief 2 once, casually. I've played Thief 1 hundreds of times, in a speedrun context, and know far more about the game. I'd probably look like a fool trying to talk about Thief 2.

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    Useful idea, Amorphous. Will you be recording and uploading the stream after it finishes its live broadcast ?

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    The only thing I want to see given an answer is whether or not the wall on Haunted Cathedral was intended to have "mantling over" be a viable and one of the intended solutions from the very creation of the mission.

    The one I'm talking about is at the end with the crushing wall trap plate trigger in front of it. The one a certain someone felt was best to close off for... reasons.

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    Going over the door was apparently the only solution for the trap at one point. In DromEd, there's a Design Note on the door object (#46):
    This door is unlocked with the key in the nearby library BUT the players won't be able to get past the door the first time with the key (they have to use a rope arrow instead).
    Though why Randy eventually made the door pickable as well, and whether he wanted players to be able to mantle over in addition to roping over, I couldn't say for sure.

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    I suppose you could ask Randy if he's a fan of Speedrunning?

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    Yeah, I'm assuming I'll be uploading the stream's archive to my YouTube channel. I'll ask him for permission before I do, but I don't see any reason he'd say no.

    The mantle was something I was planning to ask him, though I'm not sure if he'll remember. We'll have to find out just how much he remembers about the game. If it's not much, we'll probably exhaust most of what there is to talk about, and maybe check out some fanmissions. Any recommendations on that end?

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    A level or two of Thief 2X, maybe St. Lucia's from The Dark Mod, and The Kill Factory as a silly closer? I think that should cover some high points (and one GLORIOUS point) of the Thief modding community and impress him with what the community has made over the years.

    Those are my recommendations. I've barely tapped into the more "vanilla" fan missions outside of Thief 2X because let's face it, that's already a lot of content I've just mentioned.

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    Why not pick a few from the 20AC? That would probably be most topical, especially if you're focusing on TDP primarily.

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    Yeah, I was thinking that would be best. I haven't played them all, though.

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