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Thread: AngelLoader v1.5.4 (upd. 2021/11/22)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenPhoenix View Post
    I've now implemented code that simply looks at cam.cfg and if it has either "character_detail 0" or no "character_detail" line at all, it just puts "character_detail 1" in there.
    Good job on adding it quickly! I think this can wait for a next release.

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    I have dark mode enabled and still i have that bar above in the white color. Im on Windows 10 and i have dark interface enabled in OS too, maybe that is the problem?

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    Yeah, the "outside areas" (title bar, border etc.) of the window are not themed. It's a known limitation, sorry.

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    Great work on the new update, FenPhoenix. So far, everything is running smoothly and startup continues to be quick.

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    sorry if i'm doing something stupid, but...

    i didn't play any fan missions for about two months, then tonight i decided to start playing again...

    but suddenly AngelLoader only loads the original game, not the selected fan mission... gosh i really didn't think i changed anything (or even touched anything) since i last played... this happens for both Thief Gold and Thief 2... so if i pick a Thief 1 mission, it just loads Thief Gold, if i pick a Thief 2 mission, it just loads Thief 2 not the fm...

    i quadruple-checked the settings... the executable paths are correct, the paths to the FM archives are correct...

    all my fm info is in there... i can read my comments on missions i've played and I can see the readmes for all missions fine, etc... but no matter which FM i select, AngelLoader just loads the original game, not the fan mission... and yes, I'm clicking the correct button ... (i could totally see myself doing that, though, so i double-checked myself)...

    i'm sure i messed up something somewhere, but i have no idea what... so disappointed I didn't get to play a Thief fan mission tonight...

    anybody have any idea what setting in what file(s) would cause this to happen? i sure hope it's an easy fix...


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    Reinstall AngelLoader?
    For a true and 1st quality work, I translate FMs in french without using Google Translate!! No cheat, just brain.

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    If you would, could you try to play a fan mission and then post the contents of your AngelLoader_log.txt file?

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    okay i figured it out with some help from a friend...

    the AngelLoader log didn't tell me anything... it just had one line for the last time the program ran... but the Thief2.log showed that the FM directory couldn't be found or couldn't be written to... even though all those folders and files were there plain to see... i tried changing the read-only attribute in windows but that kept reverting...

    here's what happened...

    last weekend i setup Google Drive to backup my Thief folder to the cloud... and for some reason, it altered permissions for some but not all of the directories... this makes little to no sense to me but that's what happened...

    so a friend had me open a cmd line as an administrator, cd to my Thief directory, then paste and execute the following command:

    attrib -s -h -r "C:\Thief\Thief1\FMs\*.*" /s /d
    attrib -s -h -r "C:\Thief\Thief2\FMs\*.*" /s /d

    i guess this forces all files and folders including hidden ones within the folder to unset the read-only setting...

    after i did that, everything works fine again...

    i doubted it was AngelLoader's fault... such an awesome mission manager/loader... everyone around here should use it...

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    Good to hear

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    AngelLoader v1.5.3 is out.

    The main features are:

    • AngelLoader will now auto-fix the "character_detail" bug that happens after you play Ascend the Dim Valley (model textures would look wrong or broken in many FMs due to NewDark misapplying one of Ascend the Dim Valley's per-FM settings globally).
    • Game filters/tabs can now be hidden individually, in case you don't have all games and want a clean interface.
    • Fixed a bug where if the Windows username contained non-ASCII characters, the stub would fail to read from the temp path and thus FMs would fail to play.
    • Error detection and reporting has been improved, and error dialogs now contain a "View log" button so you can see the log instantly. (Hopefully you don't run into this feature too often, of course, but better to have it there!)

    Full changelog here.

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    Thanks Fen!

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    loading the OMs in a strange way?

    Most likely I have to do something outside the loader to make the original games to properly load, so I will write down what I have noticed so far in case someone understands what I have to fix.
    By starting Thief 1 via the button in the loader, the objectives are missing and only the check squares are visible.
    During gameplay some guards are getting zapped away from me, as if a huge vacuum cleaner is devouring them.
    By starting Thief 2, some arrows appear on the right side inventory and not at the weapons place on the left.
    When I throw a flash bomb it falls on the ground as if it is a ball, doesn't make light. And I can't raise sword or blackjack.
    I am currently playing the Golden Book and I had no problem playing that or any other fm so far, but a little friend of mine wanted to see how are the originals games so I just loaded the oms and found the above problems.
    Any help is very wellcome.

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    Try just running the game exe file(s) straight from the game folders with AngelLoader closed, and see if the problem still occurs.

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    as a matter of fact I also did that yesterday but I forgot to mention it here, when I run either games from their folders the FMsel starts instead.

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    Alright, so when FMSel comes up, click the "Skip FM" button in the bottom-left corner and that should run the original game.

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    lol, I had forgotten what the skip fm does...But, for T2 it takes me to a mission called ultimate robbery with the same lack of functions as I described above and for T1 it starts the first mission with the missing objectives and the guard with the key been hoovered away, just like it happens when I started them via AngelLoader.

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    Sounds like your Thief installs are corrupted in some way then. Were you using DarkLoader previously? If you forgot to uninstall whatever FMs you had installed with DarkLoader before switching, that could have caused problems. Otherwise, I'm not sure what could have messed things up, but this problem sounds familiar, I'm sure others have had this kind of problem before, but I can't remember the cause. Someone else will chime in I'm sure. But a clean reinstall of both games would probably fix you up.

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    probably yes, and the New Darkloader for sure .... And surely I don't remember if I uninstalled the last fm... I will try reinstall them...uggh.... Btw, I liked your titanium runs..well done!! ( but, my very favorite videos of yours are the talkative ones, and even better, the blinds or semi blinds ) Cheers Fen and thanks !

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    NewDarkLoader usually does not create such problems. It is the ancient undead DarkLoader creature that is known for such vile deeds.

    DarkLoader does not have much in common with NewDarkLoader, besides the general look and feel. The way ancient DarkLoader prepares missions for playing differs much from the techniques used by FMSelector, AngelLoader and NewDarkLoader. The latter three are usually very safe to use, while with ancient DarkLoader, your mileage (and road roughness) may vary enormously.

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    since AngelLoader came out I have been solely using it, but I had never played OMs in it. I can't remember if I had left any fm long time ago into darkloader and if this is the reason why the oms don't play well.. But anyway, I will re install them just in case.

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    Hi Fen,

    Here is the updated 1.5.3 Spanish Translation:


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    Fen there are all the missions with the white background, the recently added ones in yellow, how about a right-click menu option to pin missions on top, with another colour?

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    That's a good idea. I've been thinking about the idea of "favorite" or "pinned" FMs for a while now, and that would be a quick and easy way to add it.

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    awesome. sometimes I download a mission, it's in yellow, time passes and who knows where it is now, or what it was called.
    a favorite fms would be good too

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