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Thread: AngelLoader 1.0.14 - an all-in-one FM loader

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    How do you mean? AngelLoader takes care of folder name truncation for you when you install. In fact it generates a truncated name as soon as it finds a new FM archive, and if two truncated names end up the same, it adds a number in parentheses to the end to distinguish them (all this is exactly the same behavior as FMSel)

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    v1.0.13 is out.

    -New languages:
    • German (thanks Maitre Malterre)
    • Italian (thanks Ramone)

    -RichTextBox improvements:
    • Mousewheel scrolling now happens in evenly-sized chunks rather than "lines" (where a "line" could be as short as fine print or as tall as an entire image), making scrolling a much more pleasant and predictable experience (fix contributed by Xanfre)
    • Fixed cursor flickering when the mouse is to the left of a non-left-justified line of text (the right-arrow cursor will now appear in that case) (fix found with the help of Xanfre)

    -Size column text is now aligned right
    -"Show junk" checkbox has been replaced with a button whose tooltip is more descriptive (Show FMs marked as "unsupported game or non-FM archive")
    -Fixed: when choosing to play an original game and another loader was set up as the FM selector in cam_mod.ini, AngelLoader wouldn't set itself as the loader and therefore the other loader would run in that case, rather than just going straight to running the original game with no loader
    -Fixed: when installing an FM, the progress box might close and reopen between tasks, rather than just changing its display data, causing a noticeable flicker effect
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    thx for the new version :3

    At the moment I only use the angelloader for my FM's

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    Happy to provide a service

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    I know I shouldn't ask but have you had a chance to look into shock 2 support yet?

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    Sorry, been busy with all the fixes and minor features and polish. SS2 is earmarked to at least give a look at for 1.1

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    Just some small RichTextBox polishing. No other issues have cropped up, so might as well just release this minor update.

    -RichTextBox: Optimize new scrolling for high-resolution mouse wheels and trackpads (Xanfre)
    -RichTextBox: Fix the mouse cursor flicker exhibited when entering reader (middle-button auto-scroll) mode (Xanfre)

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    Impressed Mr Fen. This is truly a successor to DarkLoader, no offense to the others who have tried.

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    I'm still waiting for v1.0.783 which I'm hoping will fix the cat nagging.

    And happy birthday, Fen!

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    Oh wow. I've been ignoring T1 and T2 missions for about a decade because it was getting so clunky on newer Windows computers.

    This new loader ought to make life much easier.

    Many thanks, Sir Fen. Your YouTube walkthroughs are fab, and now this.

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    I just discovered this new loader, and I am getting back into thief after a 7 year(!) hiatus... But, I've been a regular returner to the game since it first came out in '98. Loving the ease of AngelLoader - thanks!

    Question: Can there be an option to sort or filter by tag? Or at least search/filter by comment? The reason I ask, is that, in my experience with it so far, I have no way to effectively use tag data, such as "Beauty Contest", or "20th Anniv Contest", despite being able to add such helpful info. I'd love to be able to click a "Filter by Tag", type "contest", and see all of the missions that were tagged as being contest missions. (or "horror", or "campaign" etc.) I realize I've got my work cut out for me in tagging everything... but I'm the kind of guy who would definitely spend the effort to tag it all!

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    You can filter by tag; there's a tag-looking button up top on the filter bar. It opens a window where you can choose tags to filter by, with options for "must include all", "must include any" and "must not include". It's a little bit clumsy tbh and doesn't actually let you text-search for tags the way the add/remove tags tab does, but it's there and I've got it noted to improve that. Glad you're finding it pleasant to use otherwise!

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    Fen, any chance to implement and force the Fixed-Font to display with, when readme files are on *.TXT format? (Courier New would be great).

    It's annoying to see that disorderly mess and disorder in 95% of missions. Yes... the files are "broken" already in archives, because people don't know what they are doing ;) But maybe such Loader's behaviour will at last force them to properly create/edit that files? (or maybe not :) However the others will have a well displayed text in *.TXT that they have fixed/improved for themselves :)
    sorry for my very bad english :(

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    Can you be more specific about "mess and disorder"? If you mean that some missions have one too many or one too few tabs in the

    Release date:

    section, then fixed-width doesn't fix that, I just tried. If you mean something else, I'll need more details so I know what to look for.

    EDIT: Hang on, it looks like DarkLoader displays plaintext readme files with a fixed-width font. Wow, that's super embarrassing for me... I'll have to add the option now, because certainly a whole ton of missions will have been designed with DarkLoader's behavior in mind.
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    Okay, the fixed-width font option is in, to be released with version 1.1 (which is almost ready). It still doesn't solve every formatting problem, but it's something, and it does match DarkLoader, so hey.

    Speaking of new versions, some musings about other language translations... I'm very grateful to the people who have offered translations thus far, but I think I need to do something slightly different going forward. At the moment, I take the translation .ini files that people give me and provide them right in the download package as an official part of the distribution. But any time I add new text (which if there's a new feature there's usually going to be new text), I feel like I have to impose on people to translate them, and then inevitably a new bit of text will pop up right after I've asked . I don't wanna bother people or delay a release if I can't find someone to update the translation, etc.

    So, maybe I could release new versions without bundled translations and just maybe have a list of language files that people can download, to be marked as whatever version they're for? And/or I could release with whatever the latest translations are and just have a few un-translated strings, which would seem unprofessional but at least most of it would be there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenPhoenix View Post
    Can you be more specific about "mess and disorder"?
    Choose one mission randomly and check the *.TXT (if it contains it), I bet You hit the "ten" :)

    fixed-width doesn't fix that, I just tried.
    Yes, I know. That's why I wrote "files are 'broken' in the archives". 'Broken' is a bad word, but I can't find better :) They were... hmm... "aligned"/edited/created when Proportional-Font has been used (not Fixed-Width-Font) and that's why we have a mess :) For example Windows' Notepad has Proportional-Font setting by default from years - Arial I believe. Unaware users don't even change this, because... the font (by display) is pretty for them - end of story :) They are not aware of the consequences.

    You can't repair it just by switching to Fixed-Width-Font, because they are already 'broken' and need to be reedited/improved AFTER switching to FWF. I think some clever automatic parser could handle with the process but... I don't want You to do it! Forget about it at least for now ;) Now I/We want to just display *.TXT as Fixed-Width.

    EDIT: Hang on, it looks like DarkLoader displays plaintext readme files with a fixed-width font. Wow, that's super embarrassing for me...
    GOTHA! :P

    the fixed-width font option is in, to be released with version 1.1 (which is almost ready)
    Fabulous news!

    It still doesn't solve every formatting problem,
    And it never solve them... (it is not serve for that purpose) unless the users will start write and edit such texts properly (in technical way). If they choose Proportional-Font by mistake (or not - because their display-font is the prettiest on the world ;) it will always be mess after editing...
    sorry for my very bad english :(

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