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Thread: AngelLoader 1.1.2 - a modern DarkLoader replacement

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    Registered: Dec 2018
    Hmm.. then I will try to reinstall it. But I didn't had any of those problems with Darkloader so I thought it had to do with Angelloader.

    I cannot make a screenshot at all. The printscreenkey doesn't work and the ingame key too.

    And my backupfolder is completely empty.

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    Where is your Thief game folder located? Also, when you switched from DarkLoader, did you uninstall any FMs that were installed with it?

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    Dóttirin klęšist oft móšur möttli
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    You used Darkloader? Then your installation has FM leftovers. Did you install OMs again when you switched to Angelloader?
    Clean up your files as described in the FAQ and test it again

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    Registered: Dec 2018
    Hmm.. then I will try to reinstall it. But I didn't had any of those problems with Darkloader so I thought it had to do with Angelloader.

    I cannot make a screenshot at all. The printscreenkey doesn't work and the ingame key too.

    And my backupfolder is completely empty.

    Edit: Ok I re-installed thief 2 and the books looks as usuall but now they are empty, but only for cardias new mission.

    Edit 2: Ok, solved. But the problem with dromed still exist. It always failes to load the models. If anyone could help.
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    German v1.1.1

    Hello thieves and those who want to become one

    Unfortunately, the registration for this board took a few days, so you get my translation only today.
    This will go much faster in the future

    Since I myself have 1000 errors, it can happen that I also make mistakes here during the translation,
    or mislead certain terminology. For appropriate hints or corrections I would be very grateful.
    Corresponding instructions, etc. please send to:

    Many Greetings

    German v1.1.1

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    Thank you very much.

    Being a regular reader of Legends of Localization, I'm aware that translation can be a far more tricksy and complicated process than one might think... and like any good knowledge-haver, I proceeded to ignore it cause "well, maybe it doesn't apply to me". I guess I just crossed my fingers and hoped the lines would have enough context and/or that people could maybe look at the program and see the context or something. But I should probably help y'all out more, maybe by going through English.ini and seeing if there are any lines that might need extra explanatory annotation?

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    AngelLoader v1.1.2 is out.

    Through a ruthless campaign of performance tuning and bloat-cutting, I've managed to speed up startup time by up to 150ms and cut the filesize down by 44k at the same time, while creating a more visually pleasant startup experience (the window will no longer appear before it's fully loaded and drawn). I've also allowed your FM selection to remain the same through a refresh or filter change in most cases, rather than always resetting to the first item in the list.

    Keyboard navigation of the FMs list is also much improved. See below for more details on other fixes and polish.


    User experience improvements:

    -Substantially improved startup time
    -Startup is now visually cleaner - window is no longer shown in a half-loaded state; instead it's only shown once it's fully loaded and drawn
    -Improved performance in the case where one or more FMs are installed but no matching archive can be found.

    Readme box:
    -Improved RichTextBox mousewheel scrolling behavior for high-resolution mice and trackpads (thanks Xanfre).

    Window interaction:
    -The main window will no longer "ding" when you interact with it during short zip extract operations
    -You can press Esc to cancel dragging the splitter in the Settings window. Before, it would just close the form outright. It still closes it if you're
    not dragging the splitter.

    FMs list:
    -Sorting and refreshing the list will now keep your previous selection, or the nearest selection if your previous one is no longer displayed in the list.
    Changing the filters will in most cases do the same, except for title and author which will still jump immediately to the FM most closely matching what you typed.


    Filter bar:
    -Fixed: In the filter bar textboxes, pressing certain keys (such as Ctrl-A) would cause it to act as if the text had changed, even though it hadn't.
    This would cause a refilter of the list.
    -Fixed: If the filter bar was shrunken enough to be scrollable and the game organization option was changed, the scroll buttons might not appear.

    FMs list:
    -Fixed: FMs list selection would in some circumstances pop back to the top of the list if you tried to interact with it with the keyboard. Due to this
    fix, the FMs list DataGridView is now focused by default on startup.
    -Fixed: pressing PageUp or Ctrl+Home when at the top of the FMs list, or PageDown or Ctrl+End when at the bottom, would cause the currently
    selected FM to be loaded again even though the selection hadn't changed
    -Fixed: When filtering by title, both the FM's title and its archive name are searched, but it was searching the FM's archive extension as well rather
    than ignoring it, so if you typed "." it would match everything because every archive ends in ".zip" or ".7z" etc.
    -Fixed: FMs marked as having no readmes were in some cases still having their archives searched for readmes.

    Top-right area:
    -Fixed: the Title textbox in the Edit tab wasn't saving its data to disk when deselected, as the other Edit controls do
    -Rescan For Readmes button now saves its data to disk as well
    -Fix slightly mispositioned layout on Tags tab
    -Fixed an off-by-one bug when loading in top-right tab data: it was possible for wrong data to not be corrected in certain circumstances (but you'd
    have to have been manually editing files for it to happen)
    -Fixed: If you deleted a tag from a category and the category wound up empty after the delete, it would not be removed from the global list and
    the line "AngelLoader.Common.GlobalCatOrTag" would appear in the Add Tag menu

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