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Thread: AngelLoader 1.3.2 (upd. 2019/12/19) - a modern DarkLoader replacement

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    Feature request: add support for dark theme.

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    It's on the list, but it's harder than it sounds. I would have to change UI framework. If I change to WPF, I get a skinnable UI, but the FMs list becomes slow because WPF's DataGridView is slow. If I change to a third-party UI, I don't get the RichTextBox and can't display .rtf files. I could twist the current UI's arm until it sort-of allows dark mode, but the look would be incomplete (scroll bars wouldn't change for instance) and it would look half-assed.

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    AngelLoader v1.3.2 is out.

    Since upgrading to a new PC with Windows 10, a stupid bug (see below) started happening. Fixed it.

    -Critical fix: On Windows 10, the "activate-first-instance" feature broke and would cause a second instance of AngelLoader to stay running and prevent others from starting properly. Argh.
    -Changed all character encodings to be explicit: should prevent potential issues for non-English Windows versions.

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    German Translation v1.3.2

    Well, with whom does it always take the longest?
    Is it the women who buy shoes ... or is it the German translator?
    I should throw my wife out and quit my job - it's terrible, to always be the last ...

    Anyway: here the Germanized v1.3.2
    Many greetings

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    No worries. Thanks

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