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Thread: AngelLoader 1.4.8 (upd. 2021/01/25)

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    AngelLoader 1.4.8 (upd. 2021/01/25)

    AngelLoader is a standalone FM loader where you can manage, install, and play all of your FMs in one place. Inspired by DarkLoader and NewDarkLoader, it supports Thief 1, Thief 2, Thief: Deadly Shadows and System Shock 2. It includes many modern features such as rating, game organization, tag management, easy .dml patching, an extensive set of filtering options, and a fast and accurate scanner for detecting FM titles, authors, game types, etc. For taffers who are used to DarkLoader, fear not - AngelLoader detects game types accurately, every time. No more editing ini files for Thief Gold!

    Read this first!

    System requirements:
    • Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer.
    • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer (the Windows version requirements are a direct result of this)

    AngelLoader is a portable app, so it must be extracted to a non-protected folder (so don't put it in Program Files or Program Files (x86)). Put it somewhere like C:\AngelLoader or C:\Games\AngelLoader, etc.

    Updates will not overwrite your user data (settings, FM data, etc). You can safely extract new versions to your AngelLoader folder, as only application files will be overwritten.

    For AngelLoader to work with your games, they must be patched as follows:

    -Thief 1, Thief 2, and System Shock 2 must be patched with NewDark (use TFix, T2Fix, and SS2Tool respectively for the quickest and easiest experience)
    -Thief: Deadly Shadows must be patched with the Sneaky Upgrade (preferably or newer; older versions have not been tested)

    Once you extract the zip file, you'll find a manual in the doc folder - AngelLoader documentation.html. Alternatively, you can view the manual online:
    Manual in English - v1.4.8
    Manual in French - v1.4.4

    Latest version: AngelLoader 1.4.8

    Or get the source code

    So as not to hold up new releases, translations other than English are now separate downloads. Each translation file will be marked with the version it's for.
    If you see an out-of-date translation file or want to create a new one, please feel free, then let me know so I can update it or add it to this list. Contributions are appreciated!

    To add a translation file to AngelLoader, put it in your Data\Languages folder. So if your install folder is C:\AngelLoader, put the language file(s) in C:\AngelLoader\Data\Languages.

    To aid translators, I've made a running list of text changes from version to version.

    English (official and also included with the main app) - v1.4.8
    French (courtesy of Stefan_Key) - v1.4.8
    German (courtesy of Maitre Malterre) - v1.3.2
    Hungarian (courtesy of maxigaz) - v1.4.2
    Italian (courtesy of Ramone) - v1.4.2
    Russian (courtesy of Nikkks) - v1.4.8
    Spanish (courtesy of caqo) - v1.4.8
    Turkish (courtesy of Outsider One) - v1.4.8

    Mirrors may take some time to get the latest version up, so check the version number before downloading
    -Taffers Paradise

    -Added optional Exit button at the bottom-right of the main window: one user had a case where AngelLoader was displaying in "fullscreen" so the normal
      Windows close button was inaccesible. The new Exit button is hidden by default; it can be enabled in Settings -> Other -> Show or hide interface elements.
      Also added Exit item to the main menu.
    -Fixed: Whitespace around header lines in language ini files (ie. "[MainMenu]") was not being handled properly, resulting in the section being incorrectly
      skipped if there was whitespace around said header.
    -Fixed: When scanning for authors but not titles (eg. when clicking the "Rescan for author" button), in rare cases the author would not be detected and
      would end up blank.
    - Fixed: In certain situations, there could be multiple copies of a given FM displayed. This fix is really just papering over a more fundamental problem where
      we're required to ID an FM by its "installed name", but installed names can be different depending on if AL, FMSel, or NDL created the installed name. But
      it now works as before.
    - Fixed: FMs for Thief: Deadly Shadows whose archive names were over 30 characters long would fail to play. Other games were unaffected.
    - The filter controls can now be individually hidden.
    - Added main menu with some initial options in there, including a "Game versions" window where you can see the versions for all specified games
      (NewDark version for T1/T2/SS2, Sneaky Upgrade version for T3).
    - "Play original game" button image now reflects all four supported games.
    - Greatly reduced file size.
    - Improved performance of startup FM search.
    - Improved performance and memory use when scanning .rtf files, and improved detection of non-ASCII characters from .rtf files.
    - Added more comments to the English.ini language file to help translators.
    - Fixed a potential crash in the Settings window when a Browse button was clicked and its corresponding textbox contained an invalid path.
    - Fixed a corner-case with the top-right tab dragging, where if you pressed and held and released the mouse buttons weirdly, you might start
      dragging tabs even though you didn't click specifically on them.
    - Fixed: When selecting a Thief 3 mission which contains readmes in a subfolder and its readmes had not yet been cached, or when clicking
      "Rescan for readmes" for said mission, the readme chooser dropdown might end up with no selection until the FM was deselected and
      reselected again.
    - Fixed: When scanning .7z FM archives or installed (uncompressed) FMs, reading the OBJ_MAP chunk didn't take the header into account
      when calculating the length, so it would read 24 bytes short of the end. (thanks JayRude)
    - Fixed: If there existed two FM archives whose filename differed only by extension ( and fm.7z for example), an error would occur.
    - Fixed: Web searching for FMs whose titles contained an ampersand (&) was not working correctly and would break the search string.
      (thanks JohnKingsbury)
    - Fixed: Entries in the "Add tags from list" menu and entries in the FM alternate titles menu would not display ampersands.
    - Fixed: "Remove category"/"Remove tag" alerts weren't supposed to have yellow warning icons.
    - Fixed: In "Add tags from list" menu, if a category was empty, the text "AngelLoader.DataClasses.GlobalCatOrTag:" would sometimes
      appear in place of the category name.
    - Fixed: Tag functionality was prone to bugs due to me trying to be too clever in the code. The code is now much simpler and more reliable.
    - Fixed flickering when zooming FMs list
    -Critical fix: "Include subfolders", "Add FM archive path" and "Remove FM archive path" buttons were positioned way off screen and inaccessible.
    -Fixed: Certain case-insensitive string comparisons were using culture-dependent casing rules. If your PC's culture was set to Turkish, this could cause two
     case-insensitively equal strings that both contained the letter "i" in different cases to incorrectly fail to match. Most comparisons were unaffected, but the
     FM scanner may have failed to detect some non-critical pieces of data (title, author etc.) if a user's culture was set to Turkish.
    -Fixed: The custom date fields in the Settings window would reset to their default values if left blank.
    -Fixed: The error text in the Settings window was not being updated when a new language was selected; it was only ever updated when the error check was run.
    -Fixed: FM comments would have any trailing whitespace removed on load. Probably nobody ended their comments with a bunch of whitespace, but hey...
    -Pressing F1 will now open the manual file to the relevant section.
    -Changed "Current culture" etc. to "System locale" in date format options, in an attempt to be more clear.
    -If there are path errors on startup, the Settings window will now immediately show you what they are, rather than popping up and not showing you what's
     wrong until you try to hit OK.
    -Added a small bit of text on the UI to try to make it more clear what the "Backup path" is for.
    -Any language string that's missing from the selected language set will now fall back to the English default, rather than just leaving whatever was in there before.
    -FM archives can now be deleted from disk by either pressing Delete while the FMs list is focused, or by selecting "Delete FM archive" from the FM context menu.
     You'll be asked for confirmation.
    -Fixed: Some missions would not play correctly (you would get the stock Running Interference) due to a missing missflag.str file. This file is now automatically
     generated if it's missing. Matches DarkLoader and NewDarkLoader. FMSel still doesn't do this, which must be my consolation prize. But Le Corbeau might
     wanna consider also doing this, cause otherwise a bunch of older missions won't work with FMSel.
    -Fixed: When scrolling the mousewheel over comboboxes, sometimes the scroll wouldn't take, or the FMs list would scroll instead.
    -Fixed: When a filter textbox was focused and the mouse was over the FMs list, the Home and End keys would scroll the FMs list to the top and bottom. Now,
     they move the cursor to the start and end of the focused filter textbox in this case. When a filter textbox is focused, you can press Escape to return focus
     to the FMs list.
    -Fixed: If all columns were hidden, AngelLoader could throw an unhandled exception.
    -When refreshing the FMs list from disk, your previous selection is now kept if possible.
    -Improved title detection for Thief 3 and System Shock 2 FMs.
    -On Settings window error, it will now scroll to the relevant field (example, if the backup path is invalid, it will scroll to the backup path textbox so you can see
     the red highlight).
    -Readme files are now run through a character encoding detector before being loaded, so broken characters (eg. "procuré" instead of "procuré") should never - or at least extremely rarely - appear now.
    -Fixed-width font is now the default for plaintext readmes, if it isn't already set.
    -startmis.sav is now excluded from differential ("All changed files") backups, matching FMSel's behavior.
    -Both '\' and '/' path separators are now properly handled everywhere.
    -Fixed: FM added dates wouldn't be cached in the data file.
    -Fixed: Author filter didn't take highlighted recent FMs into account.
    -Fixed: Left and right arrow images on buttons were being drawn slightly incorrectly.
    -Added "Date Added" column, which shows the date the mission was added to the list. This is helpful in finding newly downloaded FMs when you have a lot of missions in the list.
    -Newly added FMs are now scanned completely, rather than having only their game type scanned. This is almost as fast, and allows searching by title and other metadata if you can't remember a new mission's archive name.
    -Added recent FM highlighting feature, where you can say that recently added FMs should be displayed at the top of the list and highlighted.
    -Initial readme selection now takes AngelLoader's language setting into account. For instance, if the language is English, "fminfo-en.txt" would be selected, while if the language is German, "fminfo-de.txt" would be selected. This only takes effect for readmes that have not been detected yet. Those that have been detected already or have been selected manually are not affected, so as not to mess with your previous selections.
    -Added a feature where you can manually choose the language you want to play an FM with (in the Edit FM tab).
    -Middle-clicking the FMs list now centers the selected FM onscreen if it wasn't on screen before.
    -Home and End now scroll the FMs list to the top and bottom, rather than the left and right.
    -Fixed: If you added user tags to an FM, re-scanned it, made no further manual changes to the tags, then closed AngelLoader, the user-added tags would be lost.
    -Fixed: When scanning newly added FMs, the progress box wouldn't pop up if there was only one new FM and that FM was a zip.
    -Fixed: When the FMs list was scrolled to the right and you changed selection or sorted a column, it would instantly scroll all the way back to the left.
    -Fixed: Forward slashes were not always handled properly in file paths.
    -Fixed regression: Date fields in the Edit tab would no longer change their visibility based on whether the dates were specified.
    -Fixed regression: Multiplayer Thief2MP.exe was no longer detected on startup.
    -Critical fix: On Windows 10, the "activate-first-instance" feature broke and would cause a second instance of AngelLoader to stay running and prevent others from starting properly. Argh.
    -Changed all character encodings to be explicit: should prevent potential issues for non-English Windows versions.
    A single important bugfix: When you imported from DarkLoader and chose "Import saves", it would fail to import System Shock 2 save archives. Fixed.
    User experience improvements:
    -AngelLoader will now attempt to restore the previous loader when it exits. For example, if your Thief 2 loader is FMSel, and then you start AngelLoader
     and play an FM, and then you quit AngelLoader, your loader will be reset back to FMSel again. That way, if you start Thief2.exe manually, your regular
     loader will pop up. Previously, what would have happened in that case is that Thief 2 would just start up with no FM or loader and not tell you anything
     about why. This caused confusion for people who were using multiple loaders - suddenly after running AngelLoader their old loader wouldn't pop up
     anymore. This is fixed now. However, as a fallback, in case for whatever reason AngelLoader is still set as the loader when you start your game manually,
     you will now get a dialog box explaining the situation and telling you how to choose another loader.
    -AngelLoader now matches FMSel's FM language search and fallback functionality. This should help in cases where people were getting blank readables
     for non-English Thief installs etc.
    -If you try to start AngelLoader while it's already running, it will now focus and bring itself to the front, rather than just doing nothing and making you
     bring it up yourself.
    -Fixed: When opening the Settings window, the "Ignore articles" section didn't change its enabled-state to match its values.
    -Fixed: "Remove tag" button could throw an exception if no tag was selected.
    -Fixed: If the rating filter was selected and its label was shown and it had the text "None" in it, that text wouldn't be updated when the language
    -Fixed: The Tags tab used to be able to be shrunk down to nothing with no scroll bars, causing its layout to get messed up. Scroll bars now appear
     at an appropriate time like all the other tabs.
    -FMData.ini now stores custom resource booleans in a more compact format, making the file about 25% smaller on average. Reading and writing of
     the file is now also faster in general. AngelLoader is able to read FMData.ini files of both the old and the new format, and will convert an old-format
     file to new-format automatically. No action is needed and all data will remain the same.
    -Various small performance improvements.
    -Added option to use shortened names (T1, T2, etc.) on game tabs so you can get more screen real estate. This helps with...
    -System Shock 2 support (that's worthy of a v1.2, yeah?). Notes:
     -If you've ever had SS2 FMs in any of your archive folders, it's possible that AngelLoader scanned them and marked them as "unsupported game type".
     If that's the case, you can click the Show Unsupported filter button to see if there are any FMs with a red question mark circle next to them. If any of
     these are SS2 FMs, you can re-scan them and AngelLoader will now detect them as SS2 FMs. Alternatively, you can click the "Scan all FMs..." button
     and deselect all options except "Game".
     -Only archives with proper directory structures are supported. Ones without will be marked as "unsupported game type" and will not be able to be
     scanned or installed.
     -Files that look like full FMs but aren't (addons etc.) may show up in the FMs list if you put them in the same folder as your actual FMs. It's up to you
     to either not do that or if you do, then ignore them and don't try to install or play them from within AngelLoader.
    -Fixed: The functionality to restore saves from imported DarkLoader archives was broken. It works now.
    -Fixed: When having chosen to run Thief 2 through Steam, attempting to launch Thief 2 in multiplayer mode would simply launch original thief2.exe
     through Steam, without multiplayer. Steam doesn't support launching a different executable, so unfortunately I've had to make Thief2MP.exe launch
     on its own without Steam. Better than nothing.
    -Fixed: Patch & Customize tab would sometimes not update its state when another FM was selected or the FM's installed state changed.
    -Added support for running games through Steam, so you can get Steam features in-game and whatnot.
    -Fixed: The Thief 3 registry key retriever's missing key check was incomplete, which could cause a nasty hang-state requiring a Task Manager force-quit
     in the following (extremely unlikely) situation:
     A Thief 3 executable file is specified and exists, but the registry path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Ion Storm\Thief - Deadly Shadows"
     (or "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Ion Storm\Thief - Deadly Shadows" on 32-bit Windows) does not exist.
     I'm not sure if this is even possible short of deleting it yourself after the fact, but it's fixed now anyway.
    -Added ability to specify which fields to import in the Import dialogs (but no multi-loader priority-based import, sorry)
    Fixed visual glitches:
    -Fixed: Glitchy rendering could occur in some situations with the following controls: "+", "-" and "x" buttons; the Settings window tab page buttons.
    -Fixed: When the FMs list contained more FMs than could fit on the screen, it hadn't been scrolled manually since startup, and you scrolled the list to the bottom using the keyboard, there could be a glitchily-drawn last row.
    -Fixed: The progress box could in some situations have an empty "%" character shown when no percentage should be visible.
    Other fixes:
    -Fixed: When working with .7z archives, a whole load of false-positive errors would be logged, ballooning up the log file.
    -Fixed: When ctrl+up or ctrl+down was pressed at the start or end of the FMs list respectively, the selected FM would be reloaded unnecessarily. This goes with a similar previous fix for other key combos that do the same thing.
    -Fixed: When "Convert .oggs to .wavs on install" and "Convert .wavs to 16 bit on install" were both checked, only the .ogg conversion would run.
    -Fixed: Settings window title wasn't changing immediately when a new language was selected (you had to close and reopen it for the change
    to show up)
    -Fixed: Settings window: When the third custom date separator textbox's text was changed, the preview date would not update
    -Fixed: Settings window is supposed to always pop up at startup if backup path is missing or invalid, but if certain other values were also
    missing or invalid then it wouldn't pop up
    -Fixed: If you selected a rating from the Rating dropdown on the Edit tab, the Rating submenu in the FM context menu wouldn't update its
    selected item to match.
    -Fixed: When moving the mouse over the readme controls area, the Window's control button area (minimize, maximize, restore buttons) would
    -Fixed: When moving the mouse from the readme area directly onto another window, the readme controls would stay visible when they should
    have become hidden.
    -A couple small corrections in the documentation
    -Further hardened config reader against badly formed data
    -Some general hardening and improved error checking in various other places
    Fixed: When filters were set such that there were no FMs shown in the list, and then the filters were changed such that some FMs now showed
    up, the selected FM's readme would sometimes remain invisible
    Fixed: In the same situation as above (going from no FMs listed to some FMs listed), the selected FM would sometimes be set to an outdated
    stored selection rather than the first FM in the list
    Fixed: When scanning a .7z FM, the size was the uncompressed size when it should have been the compressed size
    Fixed: If the FM scanner finds a valid but out-of-range date in fm.ini, it will now ignore it and continue on
    Fixed: One of the error messages was not using the language-specific version of its text
    User experience improvements:
    -Substantially improved startup time
    -Startup is now visually cleaner - window is no longer shown in a half-loaded state; instead it's only shown once it's fully loaded and drawn
    -Improved performance in the case where one or more FMs are installed but no matching archive can be found.
    Readme box:
    -Improved RichTextBox mousewheel scrolling behavior for high-resolution mice and trackpads (thanks Xanfre).
    Window interaction:
    -The main window will no longer "ding" when you interact with it during short zip extract operations
    -You can press Esc to cancel dragging the splitter in the Settings window. Before, it would just close the form outright. It still closes it if you're
     not dragging the splitter.
    FMs list:
    -Sorting and refreshing the list will now keep your previous selection, or the nearest selection if your previous one is no longer displayed in the list.
     Changing the filters will in most cases do the same, except for title and author which will still jump immediately to the FM most closely matching what you typed.
    Filter bar:
    -Fixed: In the filter bar textboxes, pressing certain keys (such as Ctrl-A) would cause it to act as if the text had changed, even though it hadn't.
     This would cause a refilter of the list.
    -Fixed: If the filter bar was shrunken enough to be scrollable and the game organization option was changed, the scroll buttons might not appear.
    FMs list:
    -Fixed: FMs list selection would in some circumstances pop back to the top of the list if you tried to interact with it with the keyboard. Due to this
     fix, the FMs list DataGridView is now focused by default on startup.
    -Fixed: pressing PageUp or Ctrl+Home when at the top of the FMs list, or PageDown or Ctrl+End when at the bottom, would cause the currently
     selected FM to be loaded again even though the selection hadn't changed
    -Fixed: When filtering by title, both the FM's title and its archive name are searched, but it was searching the FM's archive extension as well rather
     than ignoring it, so if you typed "." it would match everything because every archive ends in ".zip" or ".7z" etc.
    -Fixed: FMs marked as having no readmes were in some cases still having their archives searched for readmes.
    Top-right area:
    -Fixed: the Title textbox in the Edit tab wasn't saving its data to disk when deselected, as the other Edit controls do
    -Rescan For Readmes button now saves its data to disk as well
    -Fix slightly mispositioned layout on Tags tab
    -Fixed an off-by-one bug when loading in top-right tab data: it was possible for wrong data to not be corrected in certain circumstances (but you'd
     have to have been manually editing files for it to happen)
    -Fixed: If you deleted a tag from a category and the category wound up empty after the delete, it would not be removed from the global list and
     the line "AngelLoader.Common.GlobalCatOrTag" would appear in the Add Tag menu
    -Fixed:  if "[FM]" was not the very first line in FMData.ini, the whole read would fail. Not a likely case by any means, but an incredibly boneheaded bug anyway...
    -Fixed: it was theoretically possible to get an extraneous alert dialog after a scan attempt in extremely rare cases
    -Fixed: the Apps key (the "mouse menu" key between the right-hand Windows key and right-hand ctrl) would in some cases bring
     up the wrong menu when used with the FMs list focused
    -Settings window now opens faster, and canceling no longer causes a noticeable delay, unless the language has to be changed back
    -Small, "every little bit counts" improvements in startup time
    New features:
    -Added support for Thief 2 1.27's new multiplayer mode. If you have Thief2MP.exe in your Thief 2 folder, you can choose to optionally play an FM or
     original Thief 2 with this executable.
    -Plain-text readme files can now optionally be displayed with a fixed-width font. This matches DarkLoader's behavior.
    -Top-right tabs can now be individually shown and hidden using a drop-down menu. The expand/collapse button has been moved to the right side to
     accommodate this slight layout change.
    -Better reader mode for RichTextBox (thanks Xanfre).
    -Added ability to scroll the FMs list horizontally by tilting the mousewheel (thanks Xanfre).
    -The tags filter window now has a search box.
    -"Disabled Mods" column now takes disable-all into account when sorting.
    -If you had an invalid tag in the tag-search textbox and then selected a valid tag from the menu, it would reject it.
    -Improved handling when certain settings are missing or malformed in Config.ini.
    -"Comment" and "Disabled Mods" columns now sort content-first for a better user experience.
    -Improved speed of certain file I/O operations (cold startup is now faster, and a few other places are as well).
    -Significant speedup in sorting the FMs list (this also improves startup time).
    -Redesigned Settings window with a more vertical layout, and made it resizable. This is to allow for more complete support of autosizing elements to
     fit translated strings, and to allow arbitrarily many elements per page without the fixed-size restriction of the old window. I don't make such large UI
     changes flippantly, but I hope you'll understand it was for a good reason.
    -Some dialogs with a "Don't ask again" option and a Cancel button will now ignore any change to the "Don't ask again" value when Cancel is clicked,
     in order to be more in line with what a Cancel button should do (ie, it should leave everything unchanged).
    -Decoupled languages from the main distribution - they'll be separate downloads now, so I can release new versions with new text without waiting on
     new translations.
    RichTextBox improvements:
    -Optimize new scrolling for high-resolution mouse wheels and trackpads (Xanfre)
    -Fix the mouse cursor flicker exhibited when entering reader (middle-button auto-scroll) mode (Xanfre)
    -New languages:
    • German (thanks Maitre Malterre)
    • Italian (thanks Ramone)
    -Size column text is now aligned right -"Show junk" checkbox has been replaced with a button whose tooltip is more descriptive (Show FMs marked as "unsupported game or non-FM archive") -RichTextBox improvements:
    • Mousewheel scrolling now happens in evenly-sized chunks rather than "lines" (where a "line" could be as short as fine print or as tall as an entire image), making scrolling a much more pleasant and predictable experience (fix contributed by Xanfre)
    • Fixed cursor flickering when the mouse is to the left of a non-left-justified line of text (the right-arrow cursor will now appear in that case) (fix found with the help of Xanfre)
    -Fixed when choosing to play an original game and another loader was set up as the FM selector in cam_mod.ini, AngelLoader wouldn't set itself as the loader and therefore the other loader would run in that case, rather than just going straight to running the original game with no loader -Fixed when installing an FM, the progress box might close and reopen between tasks, rather than just changing its display data, causing a noticeable flicker effect v1.0.12: -Fixed flickering during readme scrolling when mouse cursor was over the readme. -Fixed: The listed order of readme files could change when re-scanning for readmes. -Fixed: After re-scanning for readmes, glitchiness could occur when attempting to select a new readme from the dropdown. -Fixed: The selected FM's cache folder wouldn't be cleared when re-scanning for readmes. -Fixed: When the readme chooser OK button was clicked, there was no check to make sure an item was actually selected. v1.0.11: Major bugfixes:
    • Fixed: When importing from DarkLoader (and potentially NewDarkLoader), FMs could be imported twice in some situations (though the duplicates would then be trimmed out, but it wasted time)
    • Behavior fix: During operations where the FMs list was being modified, it could previously be updated in real-time before it was ready, potentially causing events to fire. It's now hidden during those operations and only updated at the end.
    Minor bugfixes:
    • Fixed tags consisting only of whitespace could be added to an FM
    • Fixed some slight flicker when changing between HTML readmes
    Minor features:
    • When refreshing FMs list from disk, game types are now detected for new found FMs
    v1.0.10: Added French translation - thanks Stefan_Key! Fixes: -Fixed regression: preview date label now once again autosizes to prevent cutting off the first checkbox text -Fixed only a maximum of two languages would ever appear -Fixed an extremely improbable situation where FMScanner might return too many items if it's fed bad data (which I don't think can ever happpen for AL, but you never know) v1.0.9a: Fixes: -Rating display style change now works properly with FMs list zoom -Added missing localizable string -Fixed rating display style "Use Stars" wasn't being read in properly. Embarrassing. I should code-gen the config reader/writers to prevent this sort of thing happening. v1.0.9: -Allow zooming of FMs list -ScanFMs updates the source list faster now Fixes:
    • Fixed janky behavior with scroll buttons for filter bar
    • Fixed if an FM's scanned title was blank, the AltTitles wouldn't have the fallback title (archive or installed dir) added.
    • When using archive/installed names as titles, the extension is only removed if it's an archive extension
    • Fixed corner case where changing the rating display style could cause an exception when the Rating column header was highlighted at the time
    • Fixed zero-height column headers when all are hidden, rating display style is changed, and then one or more are shown again
    v1.0.8: -Improved support for manually-placed FM folders -Improved robustness in corner cases when loading and populating FM list -New shortcut keys: when FM list is selected, F5 refreshes and Shift-F5 refreshes from disk. -Fixed: Last Played date was only being sorted to the day, not to the exact time v1.0.7: -Basic support for un-converted FM installed dir names. -Moved install / uninstall button away from play button -Added option to confirm on uninstall -Added option to hide install / uninstall button -Better ask dialogs -Removed troublesome timed-show of progressbox. Replaced with a more basic but reliable check. v1.0.6: -Fixed corner case where scanning an FM could enter an infinite loop when the installed directory name was in an invalid format and there was no archive specified v1.0.5a: -Fixed a race condition that could cause a blank progress box to be displayed with no way to dismiss it B]v1.0.5:[/B] -Added "Refresh from disk" button -Fixed: readme zoom value was read in a culture-dependent way, so "1.300" could be interpreted as "1300" for example v1.0.4a: -Fixed NewDarkLoader's ".fix" folder was sometimes not being ignored in the archive dir search when "Include subfolders" was enabled v1.0.4: Quality-of-life improvements: -Auto-select a sensible folder when you click a browse button -Added autodetecting of other loaders' ini file locations for importing v1.0.3: -Added safe (non-spoiler) readme autodetect, so most of the time you won't have to manually select one the first time anymore -Improved speed of FM scan pre-check when "include subfolders" is enabled -Fixed a couple places where the progress box might not close if there was an error v1.0.2: -Fixed: If FM archive isn't found, skip the differential backup -Fixed: Occasionally, web search would fail for valid URLs -Improved startup time -Improvements to keyboard zooming -.dml patching is disabled for Thief 3 -Readme box fixes:
    • Images are now always displayed
    • Horizontal lines in GLML readmes are no longer subject to glitchiness at the right side
    • Transparent images are displayed correctly
    • Links are clickable
    • Zoom is clamped to a reasonable lower and upper bound
    v1.0.1: -Fixed a couple potential issues with differential backups

    I stood on the shoulders of giants to make this. I'm indebted to the following people for making other loaders, all of which I've used, and all of which inspired and helped AngelLoader come to fruition:

    Björn Henke and Telliamed for creating DarkLoader
    R Soul for creating NewDarkLoader
    potterr for creating GarrettLoader
    Le Corbeau for creating FMSel

    Thanks also to EnYB0La for providing the impetus to write what became FMScanner, AngelLoader's scanner module, which notably pushed me to figure out how to accurately detect game types for NewDark. Without that, I couldn't have made a standalone loader in any case.

    And a special thanks to Dahenjo for helping me hunt down bugs and suggesting a few good features.

    Last edited by FenPhoenix; 22nd Feb 2021 at 23:01. Reason: Russian v1.4.8

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    Registered: Mar 2015
    Well done! An FM loader that is both easy to use and quick has long been desired. Perhaps this will finally get those who are still using Darkloader to adopt a more modern and compatible solution.

    I have been closely following AngelLoader's development and compiling the GitHub commits periodically. It is fantastic to see the official release after so much progress. I plan on using this for all of my fan mission needs in the future, and I hope others look toward it as well.

  3. #3
    Thank you! So you're my mystery github cloner

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    Location: France
    Woohoo! Finally something to replace my old DarkLoader with!

    Been looking forward to this one, Fen.

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    Registered: Aug 2004
    Location: CT, USA
    Look here fellow taffers... it may be divinely inspired, it may be geekishly attractive, and it may be the closest thing to a perfect mission loader we’re going to get, but even so I’m very disappointed!

    You don’t even hear Fen’s voice guiding you while playing FMs, or going off on wild tangents so you miss half the loot. Nor would he implement any really valuable features like displaying social media feeds every 30 seconds or feeding your nagging cat. Instead, he stubbornly stuck to this ridiculous objective of developing the best FM loader in every way an experienced taffer could possibly imagine, which I gather wasn’t so easy under the hood, so he spent several months only doing that. What a waste of time!

    Yeah, it did get all my previous data so I could see it there right away and continue with missions I was in the middle of playing, and everything is laid out about as well as you could want and seems to work flawlessly, but I’ve about had it with these well-meaning new-fangled advances. After all this hassle I’ve decided to revert to Windows ME using DDFix and Thiefloader.

    Now where did I put that friggin 14.4k modem……….
    Last edited by Dahenjo; 8th Apr 2019 at 14:24. Reason: just cuz...

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    Awesome, can't wait to try FenLoader!

  7. #7
    Thank you for this, Fen! Can't wait to play out of the new loader. Makes me want to replay every FM so I can make comments/ratings, etc.

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    Registered: Jul 2015
    Is this the final release or the beta version?

  9. #9
    It's the release version. Of course, if any bugs crop up, I'll update it.

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    Registered: Dec 2006
    Thank you, Fen!

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    Registered: Jul 2015
    Cool, I'll check it out then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcmike1489 View Post
    Is this the final release or the beta version?
    Quote Originally Posted by mcmike1489 View Post
    Cool, I'll check it out then.
    It's super easy to update:
    Just unzip into your AngelLoader folder and let it overwrite everything, but all your player content is retained in files that aren't overwritten.

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    Actually, I have not installed AngelLoader yet. It will be a fresh install for me.

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    Location: Jafaville New Zealand
    You're going to hate me... But System Shock 2 support?

    So far, I'm liking it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob_doe_nz View Post
    You're going to hate me... But System Shock 2 support?
    And here I was hoping no one would ask...

    I considered SS2 support early on, but decided to prioritize the games I'm most familiar with first, and put off thinking about SS2 till later. Then when nobody made a peep about it throughout the whole development, I figured, well, maybe nobody's really clamoring for it. I guess I was also hoping that would be the end of it, because SS2 doesn't really float my boat and I was hoping I could just forget about it and not have to research, implement, and support it.

    Still, I'll... I'll think about it.

    So far, I'm liking it.

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    I also did notice an oddity but seems to have self corrected itself.

    I'm testing a new FM in beta right now. When I loaded the list of FM's it showed up as a Thief 1 mission. After clicking the show/hide T1 & T2 missions, it seems to have resolved itself.

  17. #17
    Hmm. Could you give me more details:

    -Were you using game tabs or "one list with filters" (with the three game buttons)?
    -When the FM showed up as Thief 1, you mean it was in the list even though T1 FMs were supposed to be filtered out? Did it have the right game icon, or did it have no game icon? After you fiddled with the filters, did it have the right game icon then?
    -Your beta FM, did you put its archive in one of your normal archive folders? Was it installed at the time? Was this FM installed or listed with another loader and did you import data from that (or any other) loader?
    Last edited by FenPhoenix; 10th Apr 2019 at 16:35. Reason: typo

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    I have, so far, been thoroughly impressed with AngelLoader's utility. Especially on an SSD, the file operations are very quick.

    I would like to give some other feedback, however. On two separate machines running the latest version of Windows 10 and the listed prerequisites, RichTextBox does not seem to be displaying some embedded images, similar to how Wordpad acts when the user opts to not run potentially malicious code. This is evident, for example, in the readme for Lord Alan's Factory for Thief 2. Other special formatting, including GLML, is displayed correctly.
    Additionally, the option to load DMLs in the "Patch & Customize" section should probably not be available for Thief 3, since it cannot load dbmods.

  19. #19
    Okay, got both issues fixed. I'll wait for bob_doe_nz's reponse to see if I can fix his issue and then I'll release an updated version.

    Thanks for the feedback, it's very helpful!

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    Registered: Mar 2015
    My, you certainly waste no time. After cloning and compiling, I can verify that both of my points have been addressed. I figured the RTF issue lied in the ReadOnly content, and it seems that it did indeed.

    Thank you for taking note of these!

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    The Windows UI is a barrel of fun ain't it? There's more hacks than regular code!

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    Registered: Mar 2015
    Ha, that is certainly true. I have heard of, and been in myself, quite the variety of Windows UI horror stories.

    I noticed you are are now using an older version of RichTextBox as well which makes some RTFs from older missions display properly. While this is very nice, it seems to have had an effect on the horizonal lines used to separate sections in GLML texts, which are now garbled near the right side. I seem to remember you saying something about them being stretched images, which is likely the reason for this change.
    Last edited by Jax64; 10th Apr 2019 at 19:35.

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    Argh. I can't win with this stuff. If I use the latest version, then transparent images don't look right, they're displayed with a black background. But only on Windows 10.

    I implemented a hack to mostly fix the garbled right sides of lines. It should now only happen at unreasonably high zoom levels. That should work while I see if there's a better way.

    The need to support RTF files is a huge liability what with the Windows rtfbox being really the only choice, but it has to be done. If it were up to me, I'd just write my own RichText reader and displayer, but the spec is longer than most novels and I don't have much experience in full-on parsing or rendering.

    Jank hurts the pride, is all. So I'll see what I can do to really smooth this junk out.
    Last edited by FenPhoenix; 10th Apr 2019 at 20:15. Reason: typo

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    The hack works well for the time being. Unfortunately, you seem to be correct about the Windows RTFbox being the only realistically viable solution, since it is not especially good, but I imagine it is possible to remedy some of its more irritating shortfalls, albeit using disproportionally complicated methods.

    Unrelatedly, I also noticed it is impossible to follow links in a readme. Unlike the above, this shouldn't prove to be terribly difficult to fix.

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    Let me add myself to the list of hate. I would love System Shock 2 support as well. Please!

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