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Thread: Hero Quest Demo

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    Hero Quest Demo

    I found this thief dp level called Hero Quest Demo. I can only find 4 rooms to explore, but in the text description the creator mentions creating enemies. Is there a secret I am missing?

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    Where did you find this FM? It doesn't come up on any searches I've done.

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    Ah! It's "HeroQuest", one word, by Sperry, for Thief Gold. It was added to KOMAG's site in May of 2002.

    Is this the text you read?

    "- I edited monsters to make ogers and skeletons. There are two types of ogers. I basically took a Farcus mesh and dressed him up with a trickster skin. I had 2 different trickster skins (1 green and one yellow) for the different types of ogres. The haunts were the skeletons."

    And looking at the files, there's nothing in there but Farkus and Trickster skins, like he said.

    This popped up, too. Sperry copied and pasted his game text into his post, typos and all.
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    There's a hidden lever in one of the rooms

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    Does the hidden lever create enemies, all?

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    A Lever

    I searched every inch of those rooms, yet I couldn't manage to find a lever anywhere.

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    The Lever:

    Its under a table, you should be able to see part of it light up

    And there are AIs in the level. However it looks like there are only two skulls to frob at the begining so you can't play as a mage . Still I love Sperry's experimental style of thief missions.

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    Found It

    Ok, I found the lever. It was a fun, I'd have liked to play it on a regular sized level. I assume I reached the end once I passed the magma culdron and went downstairs into darkness, but nothing checked off.

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    I am in the same place ....... I went down the stairs but nothing happened ..... did I miss something or does this Mission could not be ended ???
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    I downloaded Hero Quest from Taffer's Paradise. The mission did end after I went down the stairs. Finished in around 9 minutes with the Hero character. Got all the loot. I was stuck at the beginning until I read about the hidden lever in this thread. The ogres look strange: Their eyes are at neck level of the Farkus model they are based on. This means whenever they turn their head, their eyes get bent in a weird way.

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