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Thread: Beta Testers needed for new T2 FM

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    Beta Testers needed for new T2 FM

    Edit: I have enough testers now!


    I am looking for some testers for my first FM, which is for T2.
    The mission is multilingual - English and German.

    Type: Hammerite Temple & Undead

    An account at Shalebridge is required.
    If anyone is interested, please let me know via PM or reply.

    Thank you
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    I can help to test your FM under Linux through Wine. Not very common situation, but still...

    P.S. Is in-game text in English? I don't know German language.

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    I'd be willing. I'm already registered at Shalebridge. Same username.

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    I'd like to help (I don't know German, by the way). Same username on Shalebridge.

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    I can test too and my screen name is the same at shalebridge.

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    good luck all on testing mission my day of testing are over,but i look forward to release

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