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Thread: FMdml Loader + Newdark Bug Fixing Testers Required

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    FMdml Loader + Newdark Bug Fixing Testers Required

    Testers Required. Everybody Welcome. As many people as possible.

    Downwinder posted an idea a couple of weeks ago suggesting that manually making and installing DMLs is a pain to say the least, in response to his post Voodoo has put together a small package, FMdml, that can be fixed inside both TFix and T2Fix, meaning that it is now an achievable target to automatically fix over 95% of all missions without players having to do anything apart from upgrade their Thief games with the latest TFix or T2Fix.

    So far we have fixed 100/325 T2 missions with DMLs and have only found 10/325 missions that we have sadly not been able to fix.

    I've spent the last 3 years Newdark bug testing all the 200+ T1/TG missions and so far all the 2000-2004 T2 missions, but would take me another 2 years to finish testing the rest of the T2 missions (approx 450), but do you taffers want to wait another 2 years before you can play almost every mission bug free?

    This year is the year in which you can get involved in what could become the biggest community driven project in the history of Thief. To fix as many missions as possible, for this year it is likely there will not be as many new releases as usual, as many authors are committed to making missions for the T2 anniversary contest, which gives us a golden opportunity to make all the broken missions good again.

    Athalle, Jax, Unna and myself have set up a testing forum at Shadowbox and we would like as many of you to join us as we can handle to play every untested mission, report every bug you come across, and then test any dml that Jax or Unna make.

    It's an enormous job for one person, but with the community pulling together we should be able to complete the project by the end of the year.

    Dromed experience would be an advantage but not necessary as we will teach you everything you need to know. When I started making lootlists I knew nothing about Dromed and still know very little, all you need to do is find obj no's and sometimes do a bit of path finding with regard to broken objectives, and we'll teach you how to do that.

    Trust me when I say bug testing and making DMLs is not hard work, it can be a bit long winded sometimes but it is seriously good fun, the exhilaration of completing an objective that no-one has ever achieved before is a magical experience and the reward of making a successful DML is worth every effort.

    We also have a job for a couple of people which will not involve using Dromed, apart from opening it up once to check that the DML's are loading correctly, so if you wish to get involved but are really frightened of Dromed you can still help.

    If this sounds like a project you wish to get involved in please let us know. You'll need to register at Shadowbox which sometimes can bit a bit buggy, so please also post your interest here or PM myself or Athalle. We will then need to manually confirm your registration before giving full access to the forum, so it may take an hour or so.

    We look forward to you joining us at Shadowbox and helping us deliver almost every Thief FM fit for the 20th anniversary.
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    We don't expect any DromEd knowledge. Uploading savegames, taking screenshots and a good description of the issues will help us.

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    I remember a time when some fan missions were just broken and there were no fixes available. Thanks to your efforts, players can now complete these missions. Automatic fixes with an FMdml Loader is a great idea and would be one of the most important milestones in the history of the Thief fan mission community.

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    forgot to add - ideally, dbmod.log should be checked for errors and warnings each time a new entry is added, and it also should be examined to make sure only one dml is getting loaded each time a fm is launched (one botched or missed fingerprint block can mean the dml will always load everywhere, potentially causing havoc in multiple missions, OMs included).

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    [...] it also should be examined to make sure only one dml is getting loaded each time a fm is launched [...]
    I have seen some cases where more than one DML is meant to be loaded for just one FM. For example, there are cases where the gamesys was fixed with one DML and a .mis file with another. Examples: DML fixes for "A Keeper's Betrayal", "Bane I: Keep of Deceit", "C5: Properly Paranoid", "Elevator Mission (T2)", "The Curse", Sperry's "Shadow of Doubt" campaign, and "Library Town". Maybe another approach to this would be needed than just counting the number of loaded DMLs.

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    in case a gamesys dml is part of the fix, two dmls should/will load, of course. the point was, make triple sure only those dmls that should load are loading after adding a new entry.

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