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Thread: New T2 demo: Portal - 19-04-2019

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    New T2 demo: Portal - 19-04-2019

    Hi all,

    This was an idea that I was playing around with a bit over a year ago, but lost interest in it. Maybe someone can turn it into a full mission, or use the idea in an unrelated mission.
    This demo is very rough around the edges. I am sure that its main idea can be implemented more efficiently. I just can't be bothered to improve it.
    NewDark 1.25 or later is required.


    Since the cake is a lie, I might as well find some cheesy comestibles. I am quite esurient after all. Pekish. You know, 'ungry-like!


    Get it here:
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    I liked the demo. I think your idea with blue/red portals could have a practical implementation in a puzzle-based mission where you need to reach a remote location in a smart way.

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    It'd be great if someone could provide a mirror for this. Thanks.

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    it's a bit runny, but yeah I agree this could be great for puzzle areas

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    This reminded me of the Portal games by Valve I enjoyed them very much!! Your system works really well and I hope someone can use it in missions

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    I tried that demo too - looks a like cool idea. With a different (possibly animated) textures, portals can look even more convincing. But that's just aesthetics.
    From the functional point of view, the biggest issue is that they do not align with the walls, but with the projectile's direction instead. It doesn't just cause a visual glitch - I wasn't able to teleport successfully through a portal placed by shooting downwards. This was because when I teleported, it brought me back immediately, since the player collided with the lower portion of the portal, which was placed diagonally. Not sure if the description makes sense, but basically I wasn't able to teleport through a portal placed on the wall in the central pit.

    But it would be cool to see it with a polished mechanics, in a level with patrolling AIs. Imagine a face of a guard chasing you, after you disappear through the portal!

    Also teleporting objects should be doable - like throwing crates through, shooting arrows etc...

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    Glad to see you finally published this, Ali, even as a rough demo! I hope someone takes it and continues to develop the idea.

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    Interesting project. Sterlino was working on on a version of this years ago, never released it publicly though:

    Also, here's a mirror for ya: Portal Demo

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    Thanks for the mirrors guys.

    I didn't know Sterlino had been working on a similar concept. If he ever releases it publicly maybe these two implementations can be combined.

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    I want to say I def played that Sterlino demo. Will have to check on my old PC.
    Edit: aaaannnd I dropped my old HD and broke its heads. Nice... well at least the most important stuff is on my gdrive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwl View Post
    This reminded me of the Portal games by Valve
    This demo is literally named "Portal". Did... did you think that was just some wacky coincidence?

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