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Thread: SpiderHider and FMs

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    SpiderHider and FMs


    Just got SpiderHider for Thief 2. Does anyone know if it works on FMs? From what I can gather, it works on standard spider enemies in any FM, even with a custom Gamesys. Will it work, for example on the "Night in Rocksbourg" spiders, which are black instead of white, and will it work on spider corpses, for example, the dead spider in the sewers of Rocksbourg 2?



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    it should, but nothing is guaranteed, as you never know just how crazy creative the fm authors got with their setups. for example, it wouldn't work on frozen spiders in a giant freezer which are in fact just vases using a spider model.

    it is also guaranteed to break any fm that relies on a spider completing a scripted event of some sort (I remember one that uses a completely invisible spider to make a hammerite look like he's attacking a door, pretty sure that one will be unfinishable).
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